Neural Retraining Programs Compared

Neural Retraining Programs Compared

Many of the neural retraining programs available today have yielded dramatic and life-changing results for many people around the world.  Each of these programs has unique features and may emphasize slightly different strategies for rewiring the brain, and some individuals may naturally prefer one strategy (or one program) over another.

What most neural retraining programs share in common is a deep appreciation of:

The differences between these training programs appear to lie primarily in their respective approaches to the practical application and implementation of the science of neuroplasticity.

When compared with the 2 landmark neural retraining programs currently available (the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program the Dynamic Neural Retraining System), the guidelines and strategies I recommend may appear to be, in some ways, similar and in other ways quite different.  

However, it is important to note that my recommendations are based on:

  • the neuroplasticity principles and the neural retraining process that facilitated my extraordinarily rapid and dramatic 5-day health recovery and
  • the vitally important premise that designing your own training, using activities you enjoy, and transforming troubling thoughts and emotions will yield the most powerful, profound and longest lasting neural changes.

My goal in sharing these recommendations with you now is to support you in experiencing the full power and potential of your brain's innate neuroplasticity, regardless of what other formal neural retraining you may (or may not) have had.  


  • It will be important for you to develop your own customized approach to neural retraining. This will ensure your neural retraining experience will be a good, natural fit for you, and it will be more likely to be of benefit, both in the short term and in the long run.


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