TNR Program Preview
Preview of Thrive Neural Retraining Program


Included below is a high level preview of the content in the Thrive Neural Retraining Program.

For more details, see Thrive Neural Retraining.

Preview of the Thrive Neural Retraining Program

  • Introduction
    • About Neural Retraining
    • How Self-Directed Neuroplasticity Changes Your Brain
    • Amygdala & Limbic System Desensitization
    • Neural Retraining FAQ
    • Using TheBrain for Neural Retraining

  • Limbic System Injury: Understanding the Root Cause
    • Limbic Trauma & Impairment
    • Understanding the Limbic System
    • Understanding the Effects of Stress and Trauma
    • The Science of Limbic Kindling
    • Triggers and "Stuck" Points Associated with Limbic Trauma
    • Liberation from Limbic Trauma

  • Science of Neuroplasticity
    • Neuroplasticity 101
    • Principles of Neuroplasticity
    • Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
    • Shaping and Sculpting Your Brain

  • Step-by-Step Training Guide
    • Training Prerequisites
    • Training Essentials
    • Basic Training Guidelines
    • Customize Your Training
    • Test Incrementally
    • Notice and Track Small Changes
    • Document Your Successes!
    • Health Considerations
    • Beyond Daily Practice

  • Tools for Change

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