Dialogue Disclaimer
Health Symptoms & Neural Retraining Disclaimer

Health Symptoms Disclaimer

The practice of self-directed neural retraining can have profound experiential benefits on many levels: mental, emotional and spiritual ~ and many of these benefits can, in turn, have profound effects on our physical experience.

However, my dramatic and rapid (5-day) recovery from a 10+ year cascade of debilitating symptoms associated with chronic, complex environmental illness using my own customized approach to neural retraining is not the norm.

Many people dedicate months or even years to neural retraining, with results that vary widely ~ and some individuals may see no health improvements at all.

Neural Retraining Disclaimer

As you begin the process of neural retraining, it is important to be aware of the following considerations:

  • Some health conditions will not respond to neural retraining, for example acute injuries and infections, nutritional deficiencies and many biochemical/hormonal imbalances.
  • Neural retraining does not provide any type of medical or magical protection against toxic exposures of any type, including toxic mold, toxic chemicals and/or EMF radiation.

In addition, if you would like to schedule a dialogue session, it is essential to understand that:

  •  I am a facilitator and trainer (M.Ed.), and not a medical doctor (MD).
  • The support services I provide through the Discovery Dialogues and the Thrive Neural Retraining Program are purely educational and not therapeutic in nature.
  • If you begin experimenting with your own customized approach to neural retraining, you will be solely and fully responsible for the results of this experimentation.

To learn more, see the Dialogue Waiver that must be submitted before a scheduled dialogue session can be confirmed.

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