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About Share Codes

Following my individual dialogue sessions, I often find it helpful to share select resources from the DiscoveryNow library with my Insight Mentoring and Neural Retraining clients. 

For the purpose of sharing these resources, I assign a unique 6-letter "share code" to each client. This personal share code provides a simple and easy way to access individually shared resources in one central location within the DiscoveryNow library.

By default, these share codes are accessible in the browser, and each code begins with the client's initials, which makes it easy to find the share code using DiscoveryNow's search feature.

Sample Share Code

Additional Privacy Controls

No personal identifiers are associated with the individual share codes, except the client's initials. 

However, share codes can, upon request, be customized still further to make the code completely anonymous by replacing the first 2 initials with random letters.

In addition, for clients who have access to DiscoveryNow's desktop application, share codes can also be made "private".

  • This setting change removes the share code from the browser, and limits access to the desktop application only.
  • Additional details about accessing "private" thoughts within TheBrain are available (when logged into the desktop app) in the Desktop Hints & Tips.


  • Share codes are frequently assigned following a dialogue session.
  • Share codes are most commonly used when individuals have scheduled multiple dialogue sessions for the purpose of engaging in an ongoing mentoring or neural retraining process.
  • When you are reviewing shared resources in the library, any content without an icon will be coming soon.


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