Metta's Approach to Neural Retraining
TNR Program Features

Understanding Who We Are

One of the unique benefits of the Thrive Neural Retraining Program, and the support services Metta provides, is that they are both grounded in a deep experiential insight into who we are at a fundamental and essential level. 

This insight provides vitally important context for understanding who we are in relationship to the body, mind and emotions with which our identity is usually associated. As such, this understanding is central to reframing our experience of the mind/body connection and our mental, emotional and physical experience in the world.

In addition, this insight and understanding is also deeply integrated into the framework for all the neural retraining recommendations Metta provides, and it informs the compilation of resources provided in the DiscoveryNow library.

Creative Neural Retraining

The following summary highlights many of the fundamental principles upon which Thrive Neural Retraining is based in an explicit comparison of TNR's creative approach to neural retraining with several of the more common "brain training" practices used in other neural retraining programs.

If you have prior experience with any of these practices, this comparison will help to illustrate the value and benefit of adopting a more creative, flexible and customized approach to designing and developing your own neural retraining practice.

★ Do NOT ignore or shut down your thoughts and emotions with a "Stop Stop Stop" command. 

Instead: Pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling, notice what is happening, and learn how to transform your experience by surfacing, releasing and "rewiring" the energy associated with troubling thoughts and emotions.

★ Do not objectify the limbic system by talking to it or treating it as something separate from who and what you are.

Instead: Recognize the intrinsic link between your thoughts, your emotions and your body, and then trust and work with (not against) your limbic system.

★ Do not become mired in rote, formulaic and uninspired practices.

Instead: Focus on the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity and engage in a wide variety of different activities you enjoy!

★ Do not adopt the drudgery of a "boot camp" mentality.

Instead: Amplify your neural rewiring process with energy, passion and enthusiasm, and learn how to use your creative imagination and strong positive emotions to reinforce and strengthen your new neural rewiring process.

★ Focus on DIY design: Always customize your training to meet your own needs and interests.

Remember: Taking the initiative to design your own neural retraining activities is a vitally important step in initiating and reinforcing the neural rewiring process!


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