Thrive Neural Retraining Program
TNR Program Overview

Thrive Neural Retraining Program

Thrive Neural Retraining (TNR) is an innovative, self-paced training program (with optional coaching and mentoring services) designed to support you in discovering and harnessing the remarkable power of your brain's innate and natural neuroplasticity.

About the TNR Program

The Thrive Neural Retraining program is based on my own direct experience exploring and experimenting with self-directed neuroplasticity. This program has evolved in conjunction with several crucial steps in my own neural retraining journey:

  • In late 2013, I created a customized neural retraining program for myself ~ and then, within 5 days, I experienced a dramatic breakthrough recovery from a 10+ year cascade of debilitating environmental illness symptoms, all of which proved to be rooted in limbic system impairment
  • Since my recovery, I have been providing coaching support to individuals and groups interested in using neural retraining to address similar limbic system challenges
  • My research into the practical application of the science of neuroplasticity is also ongoing, and my support services have now expanded to include a wide variety of mental, emotional and trauma-related challenges.

DIY Training and Support

Thrive Neural Retraining provides a safe, self-paced and systematic "do-it-yourself" approach to learning about neuroplasticity and limbic system impairment. It also includes recommendations and guidelines for using self-directed neuroplasticity as a means for overcoming limbic system impairment and enhancing central nervous system function.

 Important Note

The TNR program, along with my neural retraining sessions, also provide guidance and support for individuals who have completed other neural retraining programs, but have not yet achieved the results they desire. Learn More:

TNR Program Registration

Registration for the TNR program is no longer required!

Most of the content and resources within the original (paid) Thrive Neural Retraining program will soon be available free of charge in the DiscoveryNow library.

TNR Program Updates

News and updates about my progress importing the original (private) TNR program content into the (public) DiscoveryNow library will be provided through my mailing list, so be sure to subscribe now!

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