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Root Cause of Limbic System Impairment
Root Cause of Limbic System Impairment | Thrive Neural Retraining

The Thrive Neural Retraining Program, and Metta's approach to neural retraining, are both based on the premise that the root cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and many forms of environmental and "invisible" illness is often traumatic injury to the autonomic nervous system that results in limbic system impairment.

In other words, as a direct and often immediate result of traumatic injury, or a series of traumatic injuries, the wiring in the autonomic nervous system can become impaired. This impairment, or damaged neural wiring, locks the limbic system into a non-stop "fight, flight or freeze" stress response. 

Essentially, traumatic injury turns on a powerful stress response at a very deep level ~ and then this stress response never turns off!

The initial injury or trauma may result from a wide variety of different sources: illness, physical injury, chemical exposure and/or mental/emotional stress (including neglect). However, the impact of these injuries on the central nervous system (CNS) is often one and the same: a stress response (alarm) is triggered within the CNS, at which point the body is unable to regulate this alarm reaction, and the stress response continues to run unabated.

Learn more about the root cause of limbic system impairment and the powerful role neuroplasticity can plan in reversing this type of central nervous system disregulation.


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