Discounted Dialogue Sessions
Available for a Limited Time

Discounted Dialogue Sessions

Discounted dialogue sessions are available now, for a limited time and on a limited basis, for individuals who are willing for their video session to be recorded and shared online in a public archive. 

About Your Discount

Currently, there is no limit to the number of dialogue sessions you can schedule using this discount. However, this may change at some point in the future, depending upon the demand for these discounted sessions.

Register for Your Session

Step #1: To register for your discounted session, simply select your $50 payment amount ~ and then, in the note provided with the submission form, add the following message:

"I consent for my video session to be recorded and shared in a public archive."

Step #2: After submitting your payment, please submit your waiver after signing both consent options at the end of page 2.

Step #3: After your waiver and payment have both been submitted, you may then proceed with scheduling your session < You are welcome to use whichever scheduling option (duration) you prefer: 45-minutes or 90-minutes

  • Note: Scheduled sessions are tentative, and subject to change, until your registration payment and waiver have both been received.

Preparing for Your Session

Once your session has been scheduled, you can learn more about how best to prepare for your session. > Scroll down and see Step #4

If you are interested in focusing primarily on neural retraining during your session, please see Metta's recommended preparation guidelines immediately after you register so you can allow enough time to prepare prior to your session.

Following Your Session

Immediately after your session, if there is a brief segment in your session (20 minutes or less) that you would like to delete from the recording for privacy reasons before the recording is shared online, just let Metta know within 24-48 hours of completing your call, and she will do her best to accommodate your request.

Any Questions? Just Ask!

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