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The MANY Ways to Prevent Climate Chaos
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This page will focus on organizing information about the MANY approaches to solving climate change.  It’s not easy to figure out how to organize the information in the best format for this Brain, so bear with us while we finalize our thinking!   Coming soon!  

There are literally hundreds of solution to climate change being discussed today. Per the image above you might thing that solving climate change is all about renewable energy, but it’s much more complicated than that. 

In discussing climate solutions, there are many ways to slice and dice potential categories of solutions. Because of that, the hierarchy of solutions you’ll find explore in the Climate Web may not precisely match the hierarchy you might expect, even if the ultimate list of potential solutions is the same. 

To facilitate your exploration of climate solutions, we’ll point you to a number of Index Entries that serve as Topical Roadmaps into the Climate Web, organizing hundreds to thousands of resources. Not familiar with Index Entries? Check Index as Backbone

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