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There are lots of considerations when it comes to the future of climate change, a number of which you may have explored with respect to the Fingerprint of Climate Change.

But there are many other ways to approach topics relating to climate change outcomes, including: 

  • How will climate change evolve, decade by decade?

  • What are the implications of climate change, degree by degree?

  • What’s the future of sea level rise?

  • What are the national security implications of climate change? 

  • How are the probabilities of extreme events shifting in the face of climate change?

  • What are the “systemic risks” of climate change?

  • How will climate change play out at the level of individual business sectors?

  • Does it make sense to worry about worst case climate change, or is identifying “unacceptable” change more productive?

You can explore some of these questions through the thoughts attached to this one.  

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