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Open Access to Actionable Climate Knowledge

Note: the “bubbles wallpaper” in the plex at left tells you that you are in the Open Access portion of the Climate Web. 

There are several ways to explore the Open Access Climate Web. 

  1. To help you get started if you’re not familiar with the Climate Web or TheBrain software, there’s a You Tube video tour. Just right click on this link.

  1. Alternatively, there’s a do-it-yourself guided tour complete with audio. It covers the same ground, but is “hands-on” which many users might benefit more from than watching a video. Click on this link to start the audio tour.

  1. Or jump right into the Climate Web entirely on your own via the thoughts at left, which you can also activate through the links below that include short explanations of the different thoughts (sections). 

  • All You Need to Know - describes the almost non-existent learning curve associated with this pathway.  

  • Trillion Dollar Questions  An interesting way to start your exploration of some of the biggest questions when it comes to future climate change

  • Climate Change Grab Bag  - A fun sampling of some of the ways that we’ve collected and organized climate-related information and resources based on thousands of hours of navigating the internet. 

  • Climate Web Enabled Ebooks - These Ebooks represent one of the ways we can organize information in the Climate Web, and we’ve included a series of Ebooks ranging from “Climate Music Videos” to “Earth’s Precarious History.” There’s plenty to explore!

Linked as “jump thoughts” to the left of the Climate Risk Short Course are two additional thoughts:

  • Let’s Connect! provides you with contact information for the Climatographers, developers of the Climate Web, and invites you to join the Climate Web Club!

  • Premium Access? explains why you should consider a Premium Access subscription to the Climate Web. 


Join Our Climate Web Club to learn more about leveraging the Climate Web and the Premium Access Climate Web for your own climate objectives!

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