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What Are the Barriers to Progress?
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The good news is that there are arguably far fewer barriers to solving climate change than there are potential solutions (per the prior section). 

The bad news is that the barriers to solving climate change are BIG barriers. It’s common to hear that:

  • “All we need is political will,” or

  • “All we need is for people to vote.” 

The problem is that there are all kinds of problems in generating that “political will” or turning climate change into a “voting priority.”  That’s why well-informed experts on wicked problems can be so pessimistic when it comes to climate change. 

Some of the barriers are illustrated in the cartoon above, but there are many more. Implementing Einstein’s advice suggests the need to dive deep into those barriers. 

You can start that process through the topic’s Deep Dive Index Entry, which opens up into its many relevant sub-topics, allowing you to go down many different paths to exploring the topic.

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