Premium Access Climate Web
Help Thoughts

TheBrain software is easy to use. Setting the Climate Web aside for a moment, if you download TheBrain software you can literally be building your own “Brain” in about 5 minutes. 

The Premium Access Climate Web, however, is a very large knowledgebase built with TheBrain software. While it is carefully structured to make it easy to use, using it effectively does involve a short learning curve.  

This page provides a comprehensive system for accessing useful information for understanding and exploring the Premium Access Climate Web, including:  

  • getting introduced to the Climate Web
  • understanding the Climate Web’s structure
  • leveraging the Climate Web’s capabilities
  • leveraging support from the Climatographers

Getting Introduced to the Climate Web

  • Quick Start Guide - Basic hints and tips for learning how to explore and navigate within the Climate Web
  • About TheBrain - Introducing TheBrain software 
  • Display Options - How you can personalize the visual interface of the Climate Web
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tour It - A sampling of Climate Web content

Understanding the Climate Web’s Structure

  • Actionable Knowledge introduces you to how the Climate Web goes from infinite information to actionable knowledge
  • Sources - how we integrate books, reports, journal articles, and PPTs into the Climate Web
  • News and Opinion - how we integrate news and opinion stories into the Climate Web
  • Networks - how we integrate websites and web pages into the Climate Web, including links to thousands of organizations and experts
  • Multimedia - how we integrate not only videos and podcasts into the Climate Web, but infographics, cartoons, and more
  • The Index - How we’ve built the Climate Web Index to serve as a “brain” in its own right, with more than 3,000 Index Entries all linked together and serving as topical front doors, directing users to the collections of Sources, News and Opinion, etc. for the topic. 
  • Icons - How we use “thought icons” and text colors to make it easy to know what you’re looking at, whether a Sources topical heading, an individual source, an individual video, etc. 
  • Search the Climate Web - How you can find what you’re looking for in the Climate Web.  Hint: take advantage of the Index! 
  • Wander the Climate Web - An interesting “hands-off” way to explore the Climate Web. 

Leveraging the Climate Web’s Capabilities

  • Index as Backbone - Worth repeating that the Index is a very powerful way to leverage the Climate Web’s content. Many Index Entries contain extensive topical insight, in addition to pointing to topical materials. 
  • Extracted Materials - The Climatographers go through many books, reports, journal articles, and news stories, extracting useful ideas and graphics, and then organizing them in their own right. It’s a huge value add for anyone wanting to explore how a topic has been discussed or visualized across many sources.
  • Your Navigation History - easily retrace your steps if you get a bit lost (the Climate Web is a big place!)
  • Dashboards - More than 500 Dashboards in the Climate Web pull together the best information for exploring a specific topic, or answering a specific question.  
  • Recent Additions - find organized in one place the Sources added to the Climate Web over the last 1-2 years, and the News and Opinion pieces added over the last several months. A great way to get an overview of the “climate conversation,” and to access and download materials you’re interested in. 
  • Hot Debates - a running summary of developments on the most important topics of today’s climate conversations. 
  • Personalized Dashboards allow for user-specific “doorways” into the Climate Web, saving time in getting back to the exact parts of the Climate Web a user finds most relevant.
  • Tables of Contents Assemble the most relevant Index Entries and Topical Headings for dozens of the most important topics relating to climate change, letting you zero in on where you want to go.

Leveraging Support From the Climatographers

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