Thought Relationships
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January 2023 New
April 2023 Updates

The Active Thought in TheBrain is located in center of the adjacent navigation screen (plex), and corresponds with the content area where this text is located. 

The relative positions of the various thought relationships are described below and highlighted in the plex:

The relative importance of these thought relationships corresponds with their relative positions:

  • Parent and child thoughts have the closest relationship to the active thought
  • Jump thoughts are of secondary importance
  • Sibling thoughts have only an indirect relationship to the active thought.


As you begin exploring DiscoveryNow, I recommend focusing on the active thought and its children. Because these thoughts are the most directly related, this will help you review immediately relevant content, without being distracted by adjacent content that may be less relevant, at least initially.

Later on, as you become more comfortable with the display of multiple thoughts within the plex, you can then begin exploring the related parent, jump and sibling thoughts.

Note: The relative positions of these thought relationships will change in TheBrain's optional "text-only" (hidden plex) view. See Display Options to learn more.

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