Life is an infinite, unfolding process of discovery....

DiscoveryNow is an open access library dedicated to:

  • exploring the experience of awakening (spiritual realization) and
  • discovering the power of neuroplasticity (neural change within the brain).

Preview Library Content

You can preview a random sampling of the library content by using DiscoveryNow's automatic "hands-free" Wander feature:

  • Right-click on the adjacent navigation screen and select "Wander" to begin
  • Left-click on the navigation screen to stop wandering
  • Each time you wander, a different sequence of pages will be displayed.
  • When you finish wandering, you can return to this home page by clicking "" in the upper left corner.

Your Journey of Discovery

Learn more now about how DiscoveryNow can support your own journey of discovery ~ and then explore the library's features, navigation options and content below . . . .

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