Icon Legend
January 2023 New
May 2023 Updates

Icons are the small images located on each "thought" in TheBrain. (See nodes in the adjacent navigation screen.) Icons are frequently used to identify specific types of content. 

  • The Category Index illustrates most of the icons currently used in the DiscoveryNow library.

In some cases, larger images and photos will be used in place of the smaller icons.

Both icons and attached images are dynamic, and will expand on hover. For example, click once on the adjacent plex, and then hover over the icon or image on the following thoughts to see a couple of expansion examples:

  • Coming Soon
  • Follow Your Curiosity

Note: Thoughts without icons are also included in the library. However, these thoughts are new, they may or may not be linked to any existing content, and they have been tagged as coming soon.


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