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Why did you create the DiscoveryNow library?

DiscoveryNow is a vehicle for sharing an expansive perspective on life, reality and the human experience. ~ Metta Zetty

I initially created DiscoveryNow for the purpose of sharing insights and resources related to 2 Significant Discoveries that profoundly changed my understanding of the nature of Reality and the experience of being human.

Later, when I began providing Insight Mentoring and Neural Retraining support to others, this library soon began to serve as a valuable resource and reference library for my Discovery Dialogue clients.

For example, I often refer to resources and insights that illustrate or expand upon topics we've been exploring in our dialogue sessions, and this library now provides a simple and convenient way for me to share these resources with others both during and after our sessions.

In addition, the library also allows me to share the resources in my Thrive Neural Retraining Program with a wider audience than was possible previously. (Access to the original version of this training program was more limited initially because it was originally located behind a paywall.)

Independent of both the dialogue and neural retraining processes, the library also serves as a starting point for discovery and exploration for anyone interested in, or simply curious about, the wide variety of resources included in this library.

Why "DiscoveryNow" and "Discovery Dialogues"?

I refer to "DiscoveryNow" because I now see and experience life as an unfolding process of discovery occurring within the timeless, infinite present.

Similarly, the "Discovery Dialogues" are a unique opportunity to explore this process of discovery, and access the insights that naturally arise from any intentional, experiential exploration.

Why the focus on "Awakening" and "Neuroplasticity"?

The DiscoveryNow library and dialogues were both inspired and informed by 2 Significant Discoveries (discoveries related to the process of spiritual awakening and the innate neuroplasticity of the human brain) that profoundly changed my understanding of the nature of Reality and the experience of being human.

The integrated insights from these discoveries now serve as the foundation and framework for the development of the DiscoveryNow library, the Thrive Retraining Program, and the support services I provide through the Discovery Dialogues.

Why "Thrive Retraining"?

Neural retraining provides a unique opportunity to use self-directed neuroplasticity to transform

This transformation, in turn, allows each of us to:


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