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Size of Plex

In areas of the library where a large number of thoughts are displaying in the plex, TheBrain allows you to increase the size of the plex.

  • Click on the "Brain Settings" icon in the upper right corner.
  • Click on "Plex Size" to cycle through the 3 available sizes: small, medium and large

Alternatively, you can select "All Brain Settings", and then switch the "Plex Size" directly from "Medium" to "Large".

If you would like an even larger, full width view of the plex, you can manually switch the "Plex Location" to "Top".  

Learn more about the various plex location settings below.

Location of Plex

By default, the location of the plex is set to "Auto", which will automatically adjust to your browser's current layout or orientation:

  • On a desktop or laptop with a landscape layout (horizontal orientation), the plex will display to the left of this notes panel.
  • On mobile phones and smaller devices with a narrower screen and a portrait layout (vertical orientation), the plex will display in full width on top of the notes.


  • If this automatic setting change does not switch soon enough on your device, you can manually adjust the position of the plex by using the "location" setting controls in the upper right of the top toolbar.
  • Any layout changes will revert to the default settings when your browsing session ends, i.e., medium width, auto location, sort by type.

Presentation Mode

"Presentation Mode" will expand the display of TheBrain still further by temporarily hiding your browser.

  • Right-click on the colored background of the adjacent navigation screen.
  • Select "Presentation Mode"
  • Select "Escape" on your keyboard to return to TheBrain's default display


  • Presentation mode is ideally used for navigation within the library. When you click on any external links from within the library, presentation mode will be immediately disabled.
  • Presentation mode will not work when the brain in embedded within another website. For example, see the embedded brain display in the "DiscoveryNow Library" section of this site.

Text-Only View = Hidden Plex Mode

In addition to the preceding display options, the dynamic navigation screen (plex) can also be completely hidden. Simply click the "Visual Map" (eye) icon in the upper right corner of the top toolbar to toggle the display of the plex off and on.

When the plex is hidden, TheBrain will display like a more conventional, text-only website, with the following adjustments to the various thought relationships:

  • child thoughts display immediately below the notes
  • parent and sibling thoughts display at the top of the side menu
  • jump thoughts display at the bottom of the side menu


  • The right-click context menu for copying thought links and opening thoughts in a new tab/window will be available in the side menu when the plex is hidden. 


Important Text-Only Display Considerations 

Some readers may prefer to hide the plex and use the text-only view. However, I do not recommend using this display, except where indicated in a few select areas of the library, for the following reasons:

  • In most areas of the library, many duplicate (and potentially confusing) links will display in the side menu and in the notes footer.
  • In addition, the relative importance of the thought relationships, which is visible in the plex, will be obscured when the plex is hidden.

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