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Nonlinear Design: Choose Your Path

The nonlinear design of DiscoveryNow provides a variety of options for following your curiosity and exploring the library resources by using the built-in navigation options available within TheBrain.

I chose this design strategy, instead of providing a linear roadmap or a traditional site map, for several reasons:

  • Nonlinear navigation gives you the greatest degree of control and freedom as you explore the library content. As a result, your experience of the library will be completely unique and customized to your own interests because you are free to wander, or choose your own path, through this growing collection of resources.
  • For the purposes of neural retraining, nonlinear design also allows you to be more actively engaged with the library content, in contrast to passively consuming pre-packaged, pre-structured information. This engagement will, in turn, enhance your learning experience while reinforcing the vitally important process of neurogenesis that occurs during all processes of learning and discovery

Perhaps most importantly, I chose this nonlinear, self-directed approach to navigating through DiscoveryNow because this mirrors the way life works: 

In this sense, the choices you make as you explore DiscoveryNow will mirror the choices that will allow you to lay a path in walking through life itself ~ and, in the end, you will find this freedom to choose will stimulate and enrich all your experiences of discovery, insight and transformation.


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