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How Material are Systemic Climate Risks?
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How Business-Material are Systemic Climate Risks?

The systemic risks conversation is perhaps the fastest growing conversation when it comes to business climate risk. That makes sense, since climate change is likely to turn out to be a petri dish for systemic business risks. 

This Mini-Brain pulls together a subset of the Climate Web's information curation on the topic of systemic climate risk, allowing you to quickly survey what is a complicated topic.   

For much more information on this and directly related topics, including the larger implications of climate change for political and financial systems, you can take advantage of the Climate Web itself. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Climatographers' work on the topic, e.g. through a briefing that uses the Climate Web to tackle specific questions you have.  This short video demonstrates how we built a Climate Web' based briefing exploring the relationship of carbon footprints to investment risk. It was an extremely cost-effective way for the client's team to come up to speed on a large and complex literature, and also positioned the team to continue their own work on the topic through Premium Access to the Climate Web. We can also use the Climate Web in the same way for almost any climate-related business question.   

Here's how Mini-Brain materials are organized (in order of potential appearance):

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If you are accessing this Mini-Brain on-line, many of the thoughts will lead you to URLs instead of loading directly into this Notes Field. You can track Images and Text Extracts back to their original sources via the label that pops up when you hover over a thought. The original Climate Web source may or may not be included in the Mini-Brain. 

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