Headings - Topical Sources
S - Finance Sector Adaptation to Climate Change and Risk
Reports | Journal Papers | PPTs
2002 Innovest_Climate Change and the Financial Services Industry - Blueprint for Action
2002 Innovest_Climate Change and the Financial Services Industry - Threats and Opportunities
2005 Allianz_Climate Change and the Financial Sector - An Agenda for Action
2007 UBS and Climate Change Warming Up to Global Action
2007 Wyman_Climate Change - Risks and Opportunities for Global Financial Services
2008 Kanter_Banco Real: Banking on Sustainability $$
2009 Acclimatise_Commercial Property Climate Change adaptation investments Report
2009 Germanwatch_Mainstreaming climate risks and opportunities in the finance sector
2009 Jaeger_From the financial crisis to sustainability
2011 BSR_Climate_Adaptation_Issue_Brief_Financial_Services
2011 CDP_Climate Resilient Stock Exchanges
2011 EBRD_EBRD and adaptation to climate change
2011 Finley_Adapting to Climate Change A Guide for the Financial Services Industry
2012 UNEP_A New Angle on Sovereign Credit Risk
2013 AMS_Climate Information Needs for Financial Decision Making
2013 CPI_A Closer Look at Public Adaptation Finance
2014 Douglas_Integrating Natural Disaster Risks & Resilience into the Financial System
2014 Jo_Corporate Environmental responsibility and Firm Performance in the Financial Services Sector $$
2014 UNEP_Financial Institutions Taking Action On Climate Change
2015 Sheyvens_The role of microfinance and microfinance institutions in climate change adaptation
2015 Stichele_Mobilising the financial sector for a sustainable future
2015 UNEP_Aligning the Financial System: The Coming Financial Climate
2015 UNEP_Financial Reform Institutional Investors and Sustainable Development
2015 UNEP_The Financial System We Need - Policy Summary
2015 UNEP_The Financial System We Need Aligning the Financial System with Sustainable Development
2015 UNEP_Towards a Theory of Sustainable Finance
2015 Zou_Mainstreaming Climate Change into Financial Governance
2016 Haworth_Climate Resilience and Financial Services
2016 Pauw_Private finance for adaptation - do private realities meet public ambition $$
2020 Swartzman_Central banks financial stability and policy coordination in the age of climate uncertainty
2020 Vizcarra_Regulatory activity and legal liabilities affecting management of financial climate risks
2022 European Central Bank_Walking the talk: banks gearing up to manage risks from climate change
2022 Jung_Climate Stress Testing
2023 PWC_Transition Planning for Financial Institutions
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