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Maritime and Climate Change
2015/3 When is a shipping container not a shipping container? When it's a farm
2016/1 How a Carbon Tax Would Cut Emissions from Shipping and Aviation
2016/5 Pioneering Neda Maritime nets 13,375 carbon credits in ‘landmark moment’ for shipping
2016/5 The world's largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem
2016/10 Maersk, Cargill back faster shipping emissions cuts
2016/11 A COP22 Guide to the Mysterious World of Shipping – Pacific Standard
2016/11 IMO Emissions Mandate Update: A Comprehensive Review Of Options
2016/11 International Chamber of Shipping Statement on IMO's 'Road Map' for CO2 Reduction from Ships
2016/11 Shipping Plans Grow as Arctic Ice Fades by Ed Struzik: Yale Environment 360
2016/11 The Shipping Industry Will Finally Regulate Carbon Emissions — in 2023
2017/4 Wild swarms of Arctic icebergs are making shipping companies miserable
2017/5 Shaping the Low Carbon Future of the Shipping Industry – Brink – The Edge of Risk
2017/10 Can we be honest about the damage we are all doing?
2017/11 Tackling climate change demands higher level of ambition
2017/11 Uncharted Territory - The shipping industry needs to deliver cleaner cargo ships, or we’re all sunk
2017/12 Shipping nations sign "De Brum Declaration" on climate change commitment
2017/12 The Future of Shipping is Green and Autonomous
2018/3 Shipping Responds to Arctic Ice Decline
2018/4 In-depth: Will countries finally agree a climate deal for shipping?
2018/4 Norway's Government & Shipowners Association Want Global Shipping Emissions To Be Halved By 2050
2018/4 Polluters on the High Seas
2018/4 The shipping industry is finally going to cut its climate change emissions. That’s a big deal.
2018/4 The shipping industry sets sail toward a carbon-free future
2018/9 The costs of greenhouse gas reduction in shipping
2018/10 DSIC and China Merchants test landmark sail propulsion system on VLCC
2018/10 Ship Financiers Back Tougher Action to Cut CO2 Emissions at Sea – gCaptain
2018/11 Danish firm claims first biofuel commercial sea voyage
2018/12 Investor pressure sees Shell, Maersk issue carbon commitments
2018/12 Why today’s fuel debate will look like hot air 10 years from now
2019/5 Pollution: the race to clean up the shipping industry
2019/6 The Poseidon Principles: A Groundbreaking New Formula for Navigating Decarbonization
2019/7 Cargo Shipper Maersk Bets Big On Zero Carbon. Will It Pay Off?
2019/8 The shipping industry must go carbon neutral to survive
2019/9 Decarbonising Shipping: Overcoming the Barriers
2019/9 Splash Extra: Tanker shake-up with new CO2 rankings
2019/9 The only realistic way to decarbonize the shipping industry... for around 2070
2019/9 Top names vow to make zero emission vessels commercially viable by 2030
2019/9 Zero-carbon shipping will double freight rates
2019/10 Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps recommends limiting cruise ships due to environment
2019/11 Climate change: Speed limits for ships can have 'massive' benefits
2020/3 Ships' emissions create measurable regional change in clouds
2020/7 Customer Demand Will Drive Decarbonization
2020/11 As UN action on ship emissions falls short, attention turns to regions
2021/4 Shipping looks to hydrogen as it seeks to ditch bunker fuel
2021/5 Choose wisely: IMO’s carbon intensity target could be the difference between rising or falling shipping emissions this decade
2021/6 Tasked to Fight Climate Change a Secretive UN Agency Does the Opposite
2021/9 Shipping and fuel giants call for government action to spur net-zero progress
2021/11 IMO Climate Talks: UN shipping body takes action on black carbon, but refuses to revisit 2050 climate target
2022/3 The World’s Cargo Ships Are Sailing Into Worse Climate Risks
2022/10 Sexy/Unsexy, Practical/Impractical: Decarbonizing Marine Transportation Has Hype & Dogs As Well
2022/11 Maersk warns oil groups are holding back clean energy transition
2023/2 Marine shipping will change radically, electrify and consume biofuels to decarbonize
2023/3 Atlantic Crossing By Methanol-Powered Ship Is Neither Viable Nor Carbon Neutral
2023/3 Marine Shipping has to Decarbonize and Hype is Strong Around Sexy but Foolish Solutions
2023/7 World’s run of hottest days; Shipping’s climate reckoning; Revival for climate misinformation
2023/9 Big Climate Problem Commodities Are Pretending They Are A Maritime Solution
2023/9 More Money Spent To Move Freight Ship Into The Past By Adding Sails
2023/10 Shipping Contributes Heavily to Climate Change. Are Green Ships the Solution?
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