Headings - Topical Sources
S - Economic/Political Disruption as Business Risk
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Systemic Climate Risk
S - Climate Security Migration
2006 CFR_National security consequences of U.S. oil dependency
2010 Gilding_Carbon Induced Financial Disruption
2013 Jennings_Climate Disruption: Are We Beyond the Worst Case Scenario?
2014 Tattershall_Food insecurity 2014-2015
2015 Carney_Breaking the tragedy of the horizon – climate change and financial stability - speech by Mark Carney
2015 FCO_Extreme Weather and Resilience of the Global Food System
2016 Clerc_Indirect contagion -- The policy problem
2016 UBS_Climate Change A risk to the global middle class
2017 Orsato_Organizational adaptation to climate change: learning to anticipate energy disruptions $$
2017 Simmons_Recurring Storms Food Insecurity Political Instability and Conflict
2018 Jorisch_Resource Security and Changing Global Environmental Conditions
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