Electrification of Aviation
2017/4 It's Like Uber for flying electric taxis: Lilium is a 5-seater electric VTOL airplane
2017/4 The State and Promise of the Electric Airplane
2017/10 More Launch Details About Zunum Aero Electric Hybrid Planes
2017/11 Airbus Siemens and Rolls-Royce Collaborating to Develop Hybrid Electric Engine
2018/10 A powerful new battery could give us electric planes that don’t pollute
2018/10 EasyJet To Test 9-Passenger Electric Airplane In 2019
2018/10 Electric Vehicles Could Store Electricity in Carbon Fiber Body Panels
2018/10 Singapore’s HES Unveils Plans for Regional Hydrogen-Electric Passenger Aircraft
2018/12 At COP24, Electric Aviation Is Poised for a Revolution—and It's About Time
2019/5 NASA backs development of cryogenic hydrogen system to power all-electric aircraft
2019/7 The future of flight is electric
2019/8 Fuel cell airplane maker ZeroAvia taking on mid-range commercial air travel
2019/9 Why Tomorrow's Aircraft Will be Hybrids
2019/12 World's first fully electric commercial aircraft takes flight in Canada
2020/1 Electric Aircraft Pilot Training is Arriving
2020/1 Rolls-Royce Claims Its Latest Electric Airplane Battery Has The World's Highest Energy Density
2020/1 Toyota Invests in Joby Aviation Electric Air Taxi Service
2020/2 New Zealand To Test Wisk eVTOL Flying Taxi
Lilium - VTOL electric plane
2019 Liquid Hydrogen Jet Aircraft
2018 Structural batteries could be key to electric airplanes
2019 Where electric aircraft innovation is focused
ACCEL battery has specific energy of 165 wh/kg
Battery weight remains a huge challenge
Electric airplanes will be cheaper and quieter than conventional planes
In 2017 more electric aviation projects were announced than in the prior 9 years
Major manufacturers are still looking at batteries as an option for long-haul flights
Planes account for less than 1% of regional travel
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