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Can Climate Misinformation be Brought Under Control?
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2017 Hammond_Climate Change and Post Political Communication Media, Emotion and Environmental Advocacy
200X Climate Access_Crafting emails that your supporters will read
200X Climate Access_Hosting a successful webinar
200X Learning Styles PPT
200X MercyCorp_Climate Change E-Learning Tool
1991 Lakoff_Metaphor and War
2000 Day_Media Campaigns
2003 Climate Access_Public Opinion and Media Trends recording.mp4
2008 Bowen_When Suits Meet Roots - Best Practices in Community Engagement PPT
2008 Langsdale_Communication of Climate Change Uncertainty to Stakeholders Using the Scenario Approach
2008 NBS_Engaging the Community - A Systematic Review
2009 PIRC Climate_Factsheets
2009 Rahmandad_Effects of feedback delay on learning
2010 Andersen_Engagement Ladders - Building Supporter Power
2010 Scruton_The Uses of Pessimism And the Danger False Hope GA
2011 EC_Mapping helps visualise complex environmental risk assessment
2011 Kasser and Crompton_Limitations of Environmental Campaigning
2011 Rolfe-Redding_Tools for Communicating Climate Change PPT
2013 Galesic_Using Analogies to Communicate Information about Health Risks
2013 Guy_Comparing the atmosphere to a bathtub: effectiveness of analogy for reasoning about accumulation
2013 Moser_Resources for Communication and Public Engagement on Climate Change - PPT
2014 O'Neill_Climate change and visual imagery $$
2014 O'Neill_Fear Won't Do It Promoting Positive Engagement with Climate Change Through Visual and Iconic Representation
2014 Wong-Parodi_A method to evaluate the usability of interactive climate change impact decision aids
2015 Dixon_The Power of a Picture Overcoming Scientific Misinformation
2015 Jacquet_Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool
2015 O'Connell_Supporting interdisciplinary teaching about the Earth with the InTeGrate website
2015 Resource Media_Beyond the CFL Report
2016 Priest_Communicating Climate Change: The Path Forward
2021 Agin_Mapping the Field of Climate Change Communication 1993–2018: Geographically Biased, Theoretically Narrow, and Methodologically Limited
2021 Zhang_Changing the World One Meme at a Time: The Effects of Climate Change Memes on Civic Engagement Intentions $