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How Big Will the Stranded Assets Problem Be?
N - Divestment
2022 Dutta_Smoke and Mirrors: The Legal Risks of Fossil Fuel Advertising
2011/7 The Big Choice
2012/5 Focus falls on asset owners’ climate risks
2013/2 The Most Influential Climate Science Paper Today Remains Unknown to Most People
2013/3 Citi: The World Is Moving Away From Oil
2013/5 Coal at a crossroads as 'rational' thinking sets in
2013/6 Why the Carbon Bubble Will Burst
2013/8 Is the tide turning on big carbon?
2013/8 Why Coal Is Still King
2013/9 Fossil Fuels Need to Stay Unburned to Meet Climate Target
2013/9 Is this the beginning of the end for coal?
2013/10 Al Gore and David Blood: The Coming Carbon Asset Bubble
2013/10 Climate regulations could cost fossil-fuel firms trillions. Should they be worried?
2013/10 ExxonMobil's biggest threat
2013/11 A Blood-and-Gore Forecast for Carbon
2013/11 Leave coal in the ground to avoid climate catastrophe, UN tells industry
2013/11 The (Untapped) Carbon Conundrum
2013/12 $50 billion worth of coal mines risk being ‘stranded’ as China gets greener
2013/12 Bloomberg LP Launches First Tool That Measures Risk of 'Unburnable Carbon' Assets
2014/2 Report: Solar Paired With Storage Is a ‘Real, Near and Present’ Threat to Utilities
2014/3 Exxon, stranded assets and the new math
2014/3 This is a huge deal: Exxon agrees to evaluate the "stranded asset" risk
2014/4 Exxon Says Oil Reserves in No Danger From Climate Rules
2014/4 Exxon's Climate Change Report Fails to Satisfy Investors
2014/4 The New Abolitionism
2014/4 Will Oil Sands Become Stranded Assets?
2014/5 Barclays Downgrades Electric Utility Bonds, Sees Viable Solar Competition
2014/5 Barclays Downgrades Utilities On Solar Threat
2014/5 Fossil Fuel-Free Index Will Help Investors Manage Climate Risks
2014/5 Fracking: to save the climate, the gas must remain buried
2014/5 Shell hits back at 'carbon bubble' claims
2014/6 GLOBE-Net China coal cap could strand assets » GLOBE-Net
2014/6 The IEA weighs in on stranded assets - not just a green conspiracy?
2014/7 Oil Companies Gambling Billions of Dollars Ignoring Global Warming Realities
2014/10 Mark Carney: most fossil fuel reserves can't be burned
2014/12 Bank of England assessing the risk of stranded fossil fuel assets
2015/1 Four-fifths of global coal reserves 'must stay in ground' to tackle climate change
2015/1 Stable climate demands most fossil fuels stay in the ground, but whose?
2015/2 Problem of fossil fuel stranded assets a ‘real one’, says Tim Yeo
2015/2 Stranded assets and climate change on Bank of England agenda
2015/4 AODP: We need to divest from carbon and climate risk not companies
2015/4 HSBC warns about the increasing threat of stranded assets
2015/4 Investors Who Divest from Dirty Fuel Outperform Those Who Invest in Coal, Oil and Gas
2015/5 Oil Companies Deliver Mixed Response on Stranded Assets
2015/8 Climate change and the myth of stranded assets
2015/8 Powder River Basin coal is fast becoming a “stranded asset” — High Country News
2015/9 It’s Getting Harder for Oil Companies to Make Money. Here’s Why.
2015/11 Stranded assets may add up to $2.2 trillion — blame COP21?
2015/12 Why stranded assets matter and should not be dismissed
2016/2 Campanale_Carbon Tracker Presentation to TCFD PPT
2016/3 Regulators Examine Financial Risks of Climate Change
2016/4 Climate change will wipe $2.5tn off global financial assets
2016/4 Investor Warning: Fossil Fuels and the Risk of Stranded Assets
2016/5 'Stockbroker's Bible' Just Told Oil Industry To Accept Its Demise
2016/5 Norway To Open Virgin Arctic Waters To Offshore Oil And Gas Exploration
2016/6 Banks Claim They Will Back Away from Fossil Fuels
2016/6 Investors must adjust their portfolios now for a changing climate
2016/8 Why are insurance companies lagging in climate risk?
2016/11 IEA, Still Behind the Curve, Nonetheless Indicates Rising Stranded-Asset Risk in Fossil-Fuel Holdings
2017/7 Penalties for fossil fuel assets ‘merit close attention’ – EURACTIV.com
2017/8 Noble’s Palm Oil Investments Value Decreased by $60M As Credit Concerns Grow
2017/10 Oil will crash to $10 a barrel with electric vehicle revolution, strategist says
2018/5 Study warns of stranded fossil fuel assets as clean energy technology soars â“ ThinkProgress
2018/6 Carbon 'bubble' could cost global economy trillions
2019/2 $900bn cost of ‘stranded energy assets’
2019/2 Inequality, Sunk Costs, and Climate Policy
2019/6 Climate risks could hit world's largest companies in next five years
2019/6 Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years
2019/7 How the carbon bubble could create another global financial crisis
2019/9 Could Climate Change Make Cows the Next Stranded Asset
2019/9 Oil demand to peak in three years, says energy adviser DNV GL
2019/11 Financial firms due to disclose stranded-asset risks from climate change
2020/2 Delays to global climate action could halve value of new oil projects
2020/2 Sovereign Debt Funds Be Warned: Climate Activists Are Coming
2020/2 World's financial firms risk $1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change: report
2020/7 BP and Shell Write-Off Billions in Assets, Citing Covid-19 and Climate Change
2020/8 Why Climate Action, $40 Oil Create ‘Stranded Assets’: QuickTake
2021/1 Rating agency S&P warns 13 oil and gas companies they risk downgrades as renewables pick up steam
2021/2 Shift to green energy 'could cost oil states $13 trillion' by 2040
2021/2 State-owned fossil fuel firms' plan to invest $1.9tn could destroy climate hopes
2021/3 The Risk of Letting Big Finance Write Its Own Climate Rules
2021/4 A carbon registry leaves polluters with nowhere left to hide
2021/8 Welcome to the beginning of the fossil fuel endgame
2021/9 Getting Finance Onside for Climate by Joseph E. Stiglitz
2021/11 Prepare for a fossil fuel fire sale
2022/1 Internal Carbon Pricing -- Why do businesses need to start implementing it right now
2022/4 Indonesia’s palm oil export ban leaves global buyers with no plan B
2022/5 People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, study shows
2022/5 Why our continued use of fossil fuels is creating a financial time bomb
2022/7 High fossil fuel valuations are a political weapon
2023/7 New Data Reveals Climate Change Risks To Corporate Assets In The US
2023/8 Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’
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