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2008/11 Looking for Carbon in Renewable Energy
2009/3 REC vs. Carbon Offset: Do You Know the Difference?
2009/12 Why buying cheap energy certificates worsens climate change
2011/2 Twice-Claimed Green Power Dupes Detroit Consumers
2012/7 A 5-step guide to buying RECs and carbon offsets
2013/11 Microsoft adopts Google's approach to buying wind power
2014/3 Further Reading on Green Power Claims
2014/3 Is your green power really just green washing?
2014/3 The Enron of carbon accounting?
2014/9 Vermont Environmentalists File FTC Challenge over “Double-Counting” RECs
2014/12 No More Faking It: Companies Ditch Green Credits, Clean Up Instead
2015/1 Have you fallen for the green power accounting shell game?
2015/2 Open Letter on Scope 2 GHG Reporting
2015/7 City needs energy and climate action that matters, not pretends
2015/9 Negative REC Prices Could Create a ‘Race to the Bottom’ for Colorado Community Solar, Say Developers
2015/11 RECs, which put the "green" in green electricity, explained
2016/1 Double Counting Virtue
2016/2 Is “Community Choice” Electric Supply a Solution or a Problem? |
2016/4 Bringing Solar to the Etsy Community and Running a Carbon Neutral Marketplace
2016/5 Do I Have Additionality, Environment or Both?
2016/6 Here’s What's Driving Corporate Renewable Purchases
2022/6 Addressing the challenges of scope 2 emissions reporting
2022/6 Companies are reporting cleaner electricity. Researchers say it’s a mirage.
2022/6 Companies’ Climate Goals in Jeopardy from Flawed Energy Credits
2022/6 Most companies buying renewable energy certificates aren't actually reducing emissions
2022/9 Marsh clients can now pay fees using carbon credits and renewable energy certificates
2023/5 How Iceland sold the same Green Electricity twice