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S - Offset Guides
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2006 TC+ES_A Consumer's Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers
2008 ACUPCC_Investing in Carbon Offsets Guidelines for ACUPCC Institutions
2008 ENDS Guide to Carbon Offsets
2008 Offset Quality Initiative_Ensuring Offset Quality
2009 Carbonfund_Responsible Purchasing Guide to Offsets
2009 David Suzuki Foundation - Purchasing Carbon Offsets
2015 Herr_Coastal Blue Carbon A Revised Guide to Supporting Coastal Wetland Programs and Projects
2015 Kollmus_Overview of Carbon Offset Programs Similarities and Differences
2016 Zelljadt_Offsetting in the aviation sector: Evaluating voluntary offset programs of major airlines
2017 Duggan_Ranking Carbon Offsets - A Primer for Organizational Buyers
2019 Broekhoff_Securing Climate Benefit A Guide to Using Carbon Offsets
2019 Michaelowa_Overview and Comparison of Existing Carbon Crediting Schemes
2020 Carbon Market Watch_Carbon Markets 101 - The Ultimate Guide to Global Offsetting Mechanisms
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