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Evaluating Offset Additionality
2023/7 Drop carbon offsetting-based environmental claims, companies urged
2006/8 Carbon offsets - Sins of emission
2007/1 When Being Green Raises the Heat
2007/6 The inconvenient truth about the carbon offset industry
2009/3 Offsetting Green Guilt
2011/6 Thirty Million Dollars, a Little Bit of Carbon, and a Lot of Hot Air
2013/5 Why California should not be allowed to outsource hot air
2015/7 Biodiversity offsets facilitate continuation of business-as-usual destruction by mining companies
2015/8 Carbon credits undercut climate change actions
2016/10 Larry Lohmann: "The problem is not 'bad baselines' but the concept of counterfactual baselines itself"
2016/12 Is carbon offset an effective addition to your green lifestyle?
2017/4 Carbon Credits Likely Worthless in Reducing Emissions, Study Says
2017/8 California's forest offsets do not address climate change
2017/11 Not All Carbon Credits are Created Equal
2019/5 An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth
2019/6 UN Environment official attacks agency’s own carbon offsetting policy
2019/6 UN retracts carbon offsetting critique
2019/8 Why you shouldn't feel good about carbon offsetting
2019/11 Carbon offset gold rush is distracting us from climate change
2019/11 Carbon Offsets Will Only Carry You So Far
2019/11 Forestry carbon offsets grapple with image problem
2020/6 Big polluters are spending billions on controversial projects that protect forests and let them keep polluting
2020/9 Cheap cheats Why are carbon offsets so cheap?
2020/9 Do offsets discourage stronger climate action?
2020/12 The Real Trees Delivering Fake Corporate Climate Progress
2020/12 These Trees Are Not What They Seem
2021/1 Companies Are Clamoring for Carbon Credits, But the System is Rife with Issues
2021/1 Messy Carbon Offsets Show Markets Aren’t Always the Answer
2021/1 Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts
2021/2 Carbon offsets gird for lift-off as big money gets close to nature
2021/2 Carbon Offsets Should Make You Nervous
2021/3 Cap and trade, offsets at a crossroads in California’s climate policy
2021/3 Is the ‘Legacy’ Carbon Credit Market a Climate Plus or Just Hype?
2021/3 The climate crisis can't be solved by carbon accounting tricks
2021/4 Murder Offsets
2021/4 The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions of Tons of CO2 Into the Atmosphere
2021/4 The math isn’t adding up on forests and CO2 reductions
2021/4 There aren’t enough trees in the world to offset society’s carbon emissions – and there never will be
2021/5 A Nonprofit Promised to Preserve Wildlife. Then It Made Millions Claiming It Could Cut Down Trees
2021/5 Carbon offsets used by major airlines based on flawed system, warn experts
2021/5 Carbon offsets used by major airlines based on flawed system, warn experts
2021/5 Is California’s carbon offset program actually helping the environment?
2021/5 Startup That Rates Carbon Offsets Finds Almost Half Fall Short
2021/5 Top airlines’ promises to offset flights rely on ‘phantom credits’
2021/5 Verra Response to Guardian Article on Carbon Offsets Used by Major Airlines
2021/6 Carbon Offsets: New $100 Billion Market Faces Disputes Over Trading Rules
2021/6 Wall Street’s Favorite Climate Solution Is Mired in Disagreements
2021/6 Why Are Companies Investing in Non-Verified Carbon Offsets?
2021/7 Businesses and experts reveal plans for carbon offset regulator
2021/7 The US is about to go all-in on paying farmers and foresters to trap carbon
2021/8 Carbon offsets: a license to pollute or a path to net zero emissions?
2021/8 The Fictitious World of ‘Carbon Neutral’ Fossil Fuel
2021/9 One in five carbon credits under Australia’s main climate policy are ‘junk’ cuts, research finds
2021/9 Serious Integrity Concerns Around Australia’s ‘Junk’ Carbon Credits
2021/9 Why I refuse to collude with polluters in the carbon offsetting lie
2021/10 Doubts over Shell’s ‘drive carbon neutral’ claim
2021/10 Greenpeace calling for end to carbon offsets amid 'climate emergency'
2021/10 Greenpeace calls for end to carbon offsets
2021/10 Leaked documents: Nations pushback against offsetting 'greenwash' claim
2021/10 We need to get real about carbon offsets in Australia – they won’t stop climate change
2021/11 Big-business greenwash or a climate saviour? Carbon offsets raise tricky moral questions
2021/11 Carbon offsets are a scam
2021/11 Global survey shows hardly any support for net-zero pledges with carbon offsets
2021/11 How to Repair the World’s Broken Carbon Offset Markets
2021/11 The major flaw in carbon markets that no one is talking about. And a possible solution.
2021/12 Corporations are turning to forest credits in the race to go 'carbon-neutral.' Advocates worry about 'greenwashing.'
2021/12 Indonesian carbon credit project appears to betray its purpose
'2023/4 Worthless' forest carbon offsets risk exacerbating climate change
2022/1 Carbon offsetting is not warding off environmental collapse – it’s accelerating it
2022/1 India’s ghost plantations in which millions have been sunk
2022/2 Ganni’s carbon rethink: Offsetting is out. Insetting is the future
2022/2 How to Avoid Buying Dodgy Carbon Offsets
2022/2 Multi-billion dollar carbon trading deal under fire after report
2022/2 Short-selling does not count as a carbon offset
2022/3 ‘Disappointing’: Carbon offsets’ integrity under attack
2022/3 ‘Sham’ carbon credits, banks in ACCC’s sights
2022/3 Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham’, says whistleblower who tried to rein it in
2022/3 Australia’s carbon market a 'fraud on the environment'
2022/3 Carbon credits past sell-by date show it’s time for corporate net-zero rethink
2022/3 Carbon offsets can’t be the cheap and easy way to net zero
2022/3 Credit check: the problem with carbon offsetting
2022/3 Taylor’s office spent $1 billion on ‘sham’ carbon projects
2022/3 The SEC Must Avoid Legitimizing Carbon Offsets
2022/4 Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it's time to get real about climate change
2022/4 U.S. Public Forests Are Cashing In on Dubious Carbon Offsets
2022/4 Why net-zero targets require carbon offsets to succeed
2022/5 Beyond offsetting (part 2): Why we need carbon philanthropy, not carbon offsets, to solve the climate crisis
2022/5 How middlemen carbon brokers take a cut from money meant to help offset emissions
2022/5 The carbon offset market is falling short. Here’s how to fix it
2022/7 BP exploited Mexican communities hoping to benefit from carbon credits: report
2022/7 Household device projects face big over-crediting risks
2022/7 One in four carbon projects do not disclose enough data
2022/7 SEI's Derik Broekhoff casts skeptical view of FIFA World Cup's carbon neutral claims in How to Save a Planet podcast
2022/8 Carbon offsets have serious issues. Is it even possible to fix them?
2022/8 Convicted for Carbon Credit Scam, Checklist to Avoid Being a Victim
2022/9 ‘Untenable’: even companies profiting from Australia’s carbon market say the system must change
2022/9 Course Correction Needed: ICVCM's Draft Core Carbon Principles and Assessment Framework on Wrong Track
2022/10 Carbon credit use could curb company climate action, warns UK advisers
2022/10 Debunking Net Zero, Carbon Offsets, Nature-Based Solutions, Climate Smart Agriculture, Bioeconomy...
2022/10 US senators push for regulator crackdown on carbon offsets market
2022/10 Why Ambitious Tree Planting and Carbon Offset Projects Are Failing
2022/11 Australia relies on controversial offsets to meet climate change targets. We might not get away with it in Egypt
2022/11 Can carbon offsets offer a real solution to the climate crisis?
2022/11 Climate Pledges Relying on Tree Planting Not Feasible, New Report Warns
2022/11 How the 2022 World Cup Rebuilt a Market for Renewable Energy Carbon Offsets
2022/11 Junk Carbon Offsets Are What Make These Big Companies ‘Carbon Neutral’
2022/11 Junk Carbon Offsets Are What Make These Big Companies ‘Carbon Neutral’
2022/11 The Carbon Offset Market Has a Baseline Problem
2022/12 “We can offset this!” — Moral Credentialing and Climate Action.
2022/12 California's carbon offsetting may actually be increasing emissions
2022/12 Grim Study Shows 10 Years of 'Carbon Offsets' in California Had No Climate Benefit
2022/12 Macquarie Rejects 90% of Carbon Projects on Quality Concerns
2022/12 Total’s Congo offsetting project ‘snatched our land’
2023/1 ‘Nowhere else to go’: forest communities of Alto Mayo, Peru, at centre of offsetting row
2023/1 The Guardian Investigation Of Verra Carbon Offsets Claims More Than 90% Are "Worthless"
2023/1 The Guardian view on carbon offsetting: a model with dangerous flaws
2023/2 A $39 Trillion Investor Alliance Gives Warning on Carbon Offsets
2023/2 Is "offset"​ a swear word?
2023/3 A ton of fossil carbon isn't the same as a ton of new trees: Why offsets can't save us
2023/3 Are carbon credits actually in line with climate mitigation efforts
2023/3 Carbon market intermediaries act with little transparency, according to report
2023/4 Shortcomings of Carbon Offsets
2023/5 ‘Worthless’: Chevron’s carbon offsets are mostly junk and some may harm, research says
2023/5 Camouflaged green
2023/5 Cooking up Quality: Carbon credits from efficient cookstove projects face integrity issues worth fixing
2023/5 Gucci Retracts Carbon Offseting Claims
2023/6 Crashing the Greenwashing Wave
2023/6 The Flight to Quality in the Carbon Markets
2023/7 EverGreen Solutions’ Christmas tree investment scam
2023/8 Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed ‘worthless’
2023/8 Cookstove offsets produce millions of junk carbon credits
2023/9 How some of the world’s largest companies rely on carbon offsets to ‘reach net-zero’
2023/9 In-depth Q&A: Can ‘carbon offsets’ help to tackle climate change?
2023/9 Popular Carbon Credits Used by Shell, Eni, Delta Fail to Offset Emissions
2023/9 Revealed: top carbon offset projects may not cut planet-heating emissions
2023/10 Dark underbelly of carbon trade
2023/10 The Carbon-Offset Market’s Broken Promises
2023/11 Companies Are Dropping Carbon Offsets, But Still Buying the Worst Ones
2024/3 Australia’s carbon credits system a failure on global scale, study finds