Headings - Topical Sources
S - Carbon Tax Impacts
Reports | Journal Papers | PPTs
1994 Symons_Carbon Taxes Consumer Demand and Carbon Dioxide Emissions $$
2007 Im_Potential impacts of carbon taxes on carbon flux in western Oregon private forests
2008 Shapiro_Addressing climate change without impairing the US Economy
2012 Dinan_Offsetting a carbon tax’s costs on low-income households
2012 Hoel_Carbon Taxes and the Green Paradox
2012 Mori_Modeling impact of a carbon tax - Washington state
2013 CBO_Effects of a Carbon Tax on the Economy and the Environment
2018 Caron_Distributional implications of a national CO2 tax in the US across income classes and regions
2018 Caron_Exploring the Impacts of a National US CO2 Tax and Revenue Recycling Options
2018 Givord_How do fuel taxes impact new car purchases_ An evaluation using French consumer-level data $$
2018 Jorgenson_The welfare consequences of taxing carbon
2018 Macaluso_The impact of carbon taxation and revenue recycling on US industries
2018 Ross_regional implications of national carbon taxes
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