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Aviation Offsets and Deforestation
Forests and Climate Change
S - REDD and REDD+
199X Trexler_Forestry and Land Use Change in the AIJ Pilot Phase
200X CCFM_A Framework for Forest Management Offset Protocols
1989 Trexler_Forestry and Climate Change_Analysis of the Guatemala Agroforestry Project
1991 Swisher_Cost and performance of CO2 storage in forestry projects
1994 Trexler_Keeping it Green- Tropical Forestry Opportunities to Mitigate Climate Change
1997 van Kooten_Conceptual issues related to carbon sequestration - Uncertainty and time $$
1998 Trexler and Associates_Biotic Offsets Assessment Workshop for EPA
1999 Trexler and Associates_Forestry sector benchmarking - task 1
1999 Trexler and Associates_Forestry sector benchmarking - task 2 - applying the hypotheses
1999 Trexler and Associates_Forestry sector benchmarking - task 3 - issues and conclusions
2000 Chomitz_Evaluating Carbon Offsets from Forestry and Energy Projects
2000 IPCC Special Report on AFOLU
2000 Williams_Carbon Sequestration: An Overview of the Issues
2001 Fearnside_Why a 100-Year Time Horizon Should be Used
2002 Schwarze_Understanding and Managing Leakage in Forest-Based GHG Mitigation Projects
2002 Subak_Forest certification eligibility as a screen for CDM sinks projects $$
2004 Locatelli_Accounting methods for carbon credits Impacts on the minimum area of forestry projects under the CDM
2007 Bettelheim_Carbon Markets: the Forest Dimension
2008 Beane_Forest Carbon Offsets: A Scorecard for Evaluating Project Quality
2008 Gunn_Forest Carbon Offsets: A Scorecard for Evaluating Offset Quality PPT
2008 Hunt_The hidden social costs of forestry offsets
2008 Hurteau_Carbon protection and fire risk reduction $$
2008 Merger_Comparison of Carbon Offset Standards for Climate Forestation Projects
2008 Neef_Why Forestry Markets Have Been so Slow PPT
2008 Tuerk_The role of land-based offsets in Emissions Trading Systems - Key design aspects and considerations for linking
2009 Chistyakova_Carbon Markets, Forestry, and REDD USA
2009 Ecosystem Marketplace_State of Forest Carbon Markets: Taking Root and Branching Out
2009 Foley_Extending rotation age for carbon sequestration: A cross-protocol comparison of North American forest offsets
2009 Griscom_Sensitivity of amounts and distribution of tropical forest carbon credits depending on baseline rules
2009 Lussier Overview of Legal Requirements for Successful Forest Carbon Offset Projects
2009 Marland_Trading permanent and temporary carbon emissions credits $$
2009 Razak_Afforestation and reforestation with the CDM Potentials problems and future directions $$
2010 Carpenter_Implementation of biological sequestration offset in carbon reduction policy questions for domestic offsets
2010 Clarke_The over the counter market for forest carbon offsets An insight into pricing in a market without common price signals $$
2010 Espejo Introduction to AFOLU projects PPT Show
2010 Lussier_How to link offset forestry projects with the different emissions trading markets
2010 Sjardin_Innovative financing mechanisms for carbon and forestry projects
2010 Thomas_The Business of Climate Forest Carbon in Perspective PPT
2011 Cooley_Managing dependencies in forest offset projects Toward a more complete evaluation of reversal risk
2011 Davies_Carbon Analysis of the Proposed Forest Management Regimes on the Elliott State Forest
2011 Huebner_Systematic Weaknesses in Forestry Carbon Offset Protocols
2011 Latta_Simulated effects of mandatory versus voluntary participation in private forest carbon offset markets
2011 Mason_additionality problem with offsets
2011 Olander_Building Forest Carbon Projects Step by Step Overview and Guide
2011 Poudyal_Quality of urban forest carbon credits
2011 Yonavjak_Forests for Carbon Exploring Forest Carbon Offsets in the U.S. South
2012 Arriagada_Do Payments for Environmental Services Affect Forest Cover?: A Farm-Level Evaluation from Costa Rica
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2012 Galick_Analysis of the production and transaction costs of forest carbon offset projects in the USA
2012 Latta_Evaluating the Response of Land Use and Forest Management in Western Oregon to a Carbon Offset Sales Policy PPT
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2012 Stabinsky_Soil Carbon and the Offset Market
2012 van Kooten_Rent Seeking and Smoke and Mirrors Game in the Creation of Carbon Credits: An Example from British Columbia
2013 Ecosystem Marketplace_Covering new ground: state of forest carbon markets
2013 Ehrenstein_The Conditional Sink Counterfactual Display in the Valuation of a Carbon Offsetting Reforestation Project
2013 Mason_The additionality problem with offsets: Optimal contracts for carbon sequestration in forests
2013 Oliver_Do Carbon Offsets Work? The Role of Forest Manageemtn in GHG Mitigation
2013 Polglase_Potential for forest carbon plantings to offset greenhouse emissions in Australia: economics and constraints to implementation $$
2013 Romero_Economics of forest and forest carbon projects
2014 Law_Role of Forest Ecosystems in Climate Change Mitigation
2014 Sim_Options for the Monetization of the Elliott State Forest
2015 van Kooten_Forest Carbon Offsets Revisited Shedding Light on Darkwoods
2016 CI_Linking Flight and Forests: The Essential Role of Forests
2016 Ecotrust_A Landowners Guide to Forest Carbon Offsets Credits Incentives
2016 Gren_Policy design for forest carbon sequestration A review of the literature $$
2016 Kelly_Forest offsets and the California compliance market Bringing an abstract ecosystem good to market
2016 Lamb_The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
2016 Latta_Evaluating land-use and private forest management responses to a potential forest carbon offset
2017 Aguilar-Stoen_Better Safe than Sorry? Indigenous Peoples, Carbon Cowboys and the Governance of REDD in the Amazon $$
2017 Anderson_Forest offsets partner climate change mitigation with conservation $$
2017 Kelly_The willingness of non-industrial private forest owners to enter Californias carbon offset market
2017 Latta_Estimating contribution of carbon offset sales programs PPT
2017 Marland_Forest Offset Protocol
2017 Ruseva_Additionality and permanence standards in Californias Forest Offset Protocol
2017 St-Laurent_Barriers to the development of forest carbon offsetting: Insights from British Columbia, Canada, $$
2018 Gifford_See the Carbon Through the Trees Market Based Climate change Mitigation Forest Carbon Offsets and the Uneven Power of Carbon Accounting
2018 Massarella_REDD+ Hype hope and dissapointment The dynamics of expectations in conservation and development projects $$
2018 Riksrevisjonen_The Office of the Auditor General of Norways Investigation of Norways International Climate and Forest Initiative
2018 Schneider_Crediting Forest-Related Mitigation Under International Carbon Market Mechanisms: A synthesis of environmental integrity risks
2018 van der Gaast_The contribution of forest carbon credit projects to addressing the climate change challenge $$
2018 Wayburn_Forests Climate Policy and Offsets PPT
2019 Chagas_Should forest carbon credits be included in offsetting schemes such as CORSIA
2019 Haya_The California Air Resources Boards US Forest Offset Protocol Underestimates Leakage
2020 CARB_Compliance Offsets Protocol Task Force Initial Draft Recommendations
2020 CMD_Draft Quebec Offset Protocol on Carbon Sequestration Through Afforestation and Reforestation
2020 Gifford_You can’t value what you can’t measure A critical look at forest carbon accounting
2020 Phelps_California Carbon Offsets and Working Forest Conservation Easements
2020 West_Overstated carbon emission reductions from voluntary REDD+ projects in the Brazilian Amazon
2021 Badgley_Systematic over-crediting of forest offsets
2021 Badgley_Systematic Over-Crediting in Californias Forest Carbon Offsets Program
2021 Bautista_Science to Commerce A Commercial-Scale Protocol for Carbon Trading Applied to a 28-Year Record of Forest Carbon Monitoring at the Harvard Forest
2022 Bucholz_Probability-based accounting for carbon in forests to consider wildfire and other stochastic events
2022 TFCI_Tropical Forest Credit Integrity Guide for Companies
2023 Golmant_A description and initial validation of a dynamic baseline for avoided deforestation projects
2023 Haya_Comprehensive Review of Carbon Quantification by Improved Forest Management Offset Protocols
2023 Haya_Executive Summary Quality Assessment of REDD+ Carbon Credit Projects
2023 Haya_Quality Assessment of REDD+ Carbon Credit Projects
2023 Teo_Uncertainties in deforestation emission baseline methodologies and implications for carbon markets
2023 West_Action needed to make carbon offsets from tropical forest conservation work for climate change mitigation