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S - Worst Case Climate Change
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Under-Estimating Climate Risk
2015 Wagner_Climate Shock The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet
2017 Ackerman_Worst-Case Economics Extreme Events in Climate and Finance
2008 Toth_Managing the inconceivable Participatory assessment of impacts and response to extreme climate change $$
2009 Schneider_The worst-case scenario
2010 Ahmed_Climate Catastrophe $$
2010 Swart_Policy options in a worst case climate change world $$
2012 Weitzman_Rare Disasters Tail-Hedged Investments and Risk Adjusted Discount Rates
2013 Jennings_Climate Disruption: Are We Beyond the Worst Case Scenario?
2014 Weitzman_Fat Tails and the Social Cost of Carbon - Preview $$
2018 Mecke_Climate Change How Serious Could It Be
2018 Mora_Broad threat to humanity from cumulative hazards intensified by GHG emissions
2018 Nature_ Climate Change_Broad threat to humanity from cumulative climate hazards
2018 Weitzman_Thinking about SG: An economic perspective
2020 Haufather_Emissions - The ‘business as usual’ story is misleading
2020 Hausfather_Emissions The business as usual story is misleading $$
2021 Bradshaw_Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future
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