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Evaluating Offset Additionality
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2023/10 Banking on Offsets? A Brief Due Diligence
2007/1 When Being Green Raises the Heat
2008/1 F.T.C. Asks if Carbon-Offset Money Is Well Spent
2008/2 Carbon Offsets, Consumer Protection, and the FTC (Part 2)
2008/2 What's the FTC got to do with carbon offsets?
2008/4 The Benefits and Drawbacks of Carbon Offsets
2009/2 Why We Need Self-Regulation to Make Offsets Truly Green
2011/4 FTSE 100 Firms Offset 0.1% of Carbon · Environmental Management & Sustainability News · Environmental Leader
2011/9 Complete guide to carbon offsetting
2011/9 Offsets Involve Double-Counting
2012/10 FTC Issues Revised "Green Guides"
2013/4 California's International Carbon Trading Linkages - real or imaginary
2013/5 Why California should not be allowed to outsource hot air
2013/7 California’s Market for Hard-to-Verify Carbon Offsets Could Let Industry Pollute as Usual
2013/10 International Carbon Offsets in EU Climate Legislation – Time to say Good-bye?
2013/11 A Flaw in California's Cap-and-Trade plan
2014/2 The Environmental Legacy of the Sochi Olympics
2014/8 Carbon offsets - Who should you trust?
2015/8 The market for voluntary offsetting is growing, but needs more transparency
2017/3 Can Carbon Offsets Work?
2019/5 ProPublica's Inexcusable REDD+ Belly Flop
2019/5 What ProPublica’s forest carbon credits story gets wrong – and right
2019/8 Whoops! California’s carbon offsets program could extend the life of coal mines.
2020/1 Buying Carbon Offsets Isn't Cheating
2020/1 Carbon Offsets Really Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere
2020/1 Offsetting carbon emissions is soaring in air travel - but is it effective?
2020/4 Is carbon sequestration on farms actually working to fight climate change?
2020/5 These 4 Arguments Can’t Overcome the Facts About Carbon Offsets for Forest Preservation
2020/8 Why ‘Carbon Offsets’ Don’t Do All That They Promise
2020/12 Carbon offsets aren’t working, and probably can’t
2020/12 Expanding Offset Markets? Great Idea or Willful Blindness? - GHG and Carbon Accounting, Auditing, Management & Training
2021/1 Companies Are Clamoring for Carbon Credits, But the System is Rife with Issues
2021/4 Only a few carbon projects meet basic criteria for climate integrity, human rights and more
2021/4 The math isn’t adding up on forests and CO2 reductions
2021/5 Determining a True Carbon Benefit
2021/5 Does Planting Trees Really Offset Carbon?
2021/9 Carbon offsets are growing fast, but climate benefits remain murky
2021/11 How to Repair the World’s Broken Carbon Offset Markets
2022/1 Carbon Debate Threatens to Leave Offset Prices Sky High, or `Worthless'
2022/3 Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham’, says whistleblower who tried to rein it in
2022/3 US NCX defends tonne-year accounting method for carbon credits
2022/5 Even with Moves toward Transparency, Corporate Climate Pledges and Carbon Offsets Will Be Complicated
2022/5 How middlemen carbon brokers take a cut from money meant to help offset emissions
2022/5 The carbon offset market is falling short. Here’s how to fix it
2022/5 What Pachama’s latest funding says about carbon offset verification
2022/6 In Tanzania, carbon offsets preserve forests and a way of life
2022/6 Valuing Corporates’ Carbon Offset Purchases
2022/6 Valuing Corporates’ Carbon Offset Purchases
2022/9 ‘Untenable’: even companies profiting from Australia’s carbon market say the system must change
2022/9 Due diligence for carbon offsets
2022/10 VCM Forestry Projects - A Risk Assessent
2022/11 How to choose carbon offsets that actually cut emissions
2022/12 Average Age of Retired Carbon Credits
2022/12 California's carbon offsetting may actually be increasing emissions
2022/12 Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California
2023/3 Carbon credits from award-winning Kenyan offset suspended by Verra
2023/4 Companies facing carbon offset backlash quietly fund their own projects
2023/6 How Carbon Credits Become Credible: A Conversation with Basak Odemis
2023/9 How to Fix Carbon Offsets
2023/9 Popular Carbon Credits Used by Shell, Eni, Delta Fail to Offset Emissions
2023/12 Correlation or Causation Is there a link between carbon offsetting and climate ambition
2024/3 Australia’s carbon credits system a failure on global scale, study finds