Carbon Offset Critiques
1994 Goodin_Selling Environmental Indulgences
2000 Lohmann_Shopping for Carbon A New Plantation Economy
2006 Kosloff_Fictional Credits or Progressive Action Seattles Utility GHG Offsets Program Goes to Court
2007 Smith_The Carbon Neutral Myth: Offsets Indulgences for your Climate Sins
2008 Corner House_Governance as Corruption Carbon Trading and Financial Derivatives PPT
2008 International Rivers_Bad Deal for the Planet - Why Carbon Offsets Aren't Working
2008 Wara_Evaluating the CDMs Performance and Potential
2010 Schapiro_Conning the Climate
2010 Sovacool_Building Umbrellas or Arks - Three Alternatives to Carbon Credits and Offsets
2011 Bushnell_Adverse Selection and Emissions Offsets
2011 Carlson_The biggest green scam in America
2011 Dhanda_The Ethics of Carbon Neutrality: A Critical Examination of Voluntary Carbon Offset Providers
2011 Jaccard_BC's Carbon Neutral Public Sector: Too Good to be True?
2011 Munden Project_REDD-and Forest Carbon Market-Based Critique and Recommendations
2012 Anderson_Interview on Carbon Offsets
2012 Anderson_Offsetting under pressure
2012 Millard-Ball_The trouble with voluntary emissions trading
2012 van Kooten_Rent Seeking and Smoke and Mirrors Game in the Creation of Carbon Credits: An Example from British Columbia
2013 McNish_Carbon offsets are a bridge too far in the tradable property rights revolution
2013 Trexler_If Offsets for Keystone Are the Answer - What Was the Question - paper
2013 Turner_World offsetting markets can the patient be cured
2014 Pearse_Ten reasons why carbon markets will not bring about radical emissions reduction
2015 Kill_REDD A Collection of Conflicts, Contradictions and Lies
2015 Kollmuss_Has Joint Implementation Reduced GHG Emissions Lessons Learned
2016 Cames_How additional is the Clean Development Mechanism
2016 Zelljadt_Offsetting in the aviation sector: Evaluating voluntary offset programs of major airlines
2007/1 When Being Green Raises the Heat
2007/6 The inconvenient truth about the carbon offset industry
2009/3 Offsetting Green Guilt
2011/6 Thirty Million Dollars, a Little Bit of Carbon, and a Lot of Hot Air
2015/7 Biodiversity offsets facilitate continuation of business-as-usual destruction by mining companies
2015/8 Carbon credits undercut climate change actions
2016/10 Larry Lohmann: "The problem is not 'bad baselines' but the concept of counterfactual baselines itself"
2016/12 Is carbon offset an effective addition to your green lifestyle?
2017/4 Carbon Credits Likely Worthless in Reducing Emissions, Study Says
2017/8 California's forest offsets do not address climate change
2019/5 An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth
2019/6 UN Environment official attacks agency’s own carbon offsetting policy
2019/8 Why you shouldn't feel good about carbon offsetting
2019/11 Carbon offset gold rush is distracting us from climate change
2020/12 The Real Trees Delivering Fake Corporate Climate Progress
2020/12 These Trees Are Not What They Seem
2021/1 Companies Are Clamoring for Carbon Credits, But the System is Rife with Issues
2021/1 Messy Carbon Offsets Show Markets Aren’t Always the Answer
2021/1 Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts
2021/2 Carbon Offsets Should Make You Nervous
2021/4 The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions of Tons of CO2 Into the Atmosphere
2021/4 The math isn’t adding up on forests and CO2 reductions
2021/5 A Nonprofit Promised to Preserve Wildlife. Then It Made Millions Claiming It Could Cut Down Trees
2021/5 Carbon offsets used by major airlines based on flawed system, warn experts
2021/5 Startup That Rates Carbon Offsets Finds Almost Half Fall Short
2021/5 Verra Response to Guardian Article on Carbon Offsets Used by Major Airlines
2021/10 Greenpeace calls for end to carbon offsets
2021/11 How to Repair the World’s Broken Carbon Offset Markets
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