Maritime and Climate Change
S - Maritime Sector Emissions
S - Maritime Sector Mitigation
N - Maritime Sector
E - Maritime Sector Impacts
2012 Trexler_The impacts of shipping, costs, and implications at a global level
2015 Smith_CO2 Targets Trajectories and Trends for International Shipping
2016/11 The Shipping Industry Will Finally Regulate Carbon Emissions — in 2023
2017/5 Shaping the Low Carbon Future of the Shipping Industry – Brink – The Edge of Risk
IMO International Maritime Organization
A lot more maritime reductions available by 2030
Significant maritime reductions are available today
So many of the emissions reductions in shipping are profitable, but they won't happen
The relative impact of maritime emissions are growing rapidly in the U.S.
Corbett, James - University of Delaware
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