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Under or Over-Estimating Climate Change Mitigation Costs
Why Should We Question a Cost-Benefit Framing?
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2013/5 Cost of German Solar Is Four Times Finnish Nuclear
2013/5 The Odds of Disaster: An Economist's Warning on Global Warming
2013/8 Subsidies for Solar Two Times Higher Than for Nuclear in California
2014/1 Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030, UN Says
2014/1 Coal's fantasy island: carbon pollution its "one and only"
2014/2 Energy Trust of Oregon data casts doubt on energy savings efforts as gas prices stay low
2014/3 Climate Panel Stunner: Avoiding Climate Catastrophe Is Super Cheap
2014/3 The neoliberal just-deserts answer to a climate crisis economy
2014/4 U.S. Seeks Changes to ‘Skewed’ Data in UN Climate Draft
2014/5 Cutting carbon is cheaper than its costs, groups say
2014/5 The $4 Trillion Mistake: Climate Action Delayed Is Climate Action Denied
2014/5 When it comes to climate change, the cure is worse than the disease | Climate Change
2014/6 Brazil’s World Cup also a test bed for climate change
2014/6 COLUMN-Technology, not regulation, is the best way to tackle climate change
2014/6 French nuclear more costly than renewables by 2020: Greenpeace
2014/6 Fuel Fix » Economics 2014/6 of natural gas don’t always add up for fleets
2014/6 How Obama's Climate Rule Could Change The U.S. Job Market
2014/6 Investment In Clean Energy And Efficiency Could Spur A $12 Billion Market
2014/6 World Bank: Fighting Climate Change Would Boost Global Economy Up To $2.6 Trillion A Year
2014/9 New Cost Analysis Shows Unsubsidized Renewables Increasingly Rival Fossil Fuels
2014/11 Taking a Look at Lazard’s Levelized Cost Estimates
2015/4 Agriculture Subsidies Driving Deforestation
2015/4 Balancing Costs and Competition
2015/7 How much higher? The growing consensus on the federal SCC estimate
2016/1 95% consensus of expert economists: cut carbon pollution
2016/1 Climate change and consensus
2018/6 Taking CO2 out of the air is more economical than scientists thought
2019/10 Some economics nerds just realized how much climate change will cost us
2020/12 'How much will it cost to slow climate change?'
2020/12 The cost of temporary carbon removal
2021/2 How do you put a price on something that has infinite worth?
2021/4 How to measure the climate performance potential of startups
2021/4 Is your 'green' energy tariff actually harming the planet? We explain how firms get away with greenwashing and how to spot a real eco-friendly deal
2021/5 Why the low carbon transition may be much cheaper than models predict
2021/6 How to Preserve Africa's Forests And Build a Green Economy
2021/8 The Role of Carbon Pricing in Deep Decarbonization
2021/9 Costs of climate change far greater than green transition, says ECB
2021/9 How to Decarbonize the Global Economy in 15 Years: A RethinkX Guide for COP26
2022/1 McKinsey Pegs The Price Tag Of A Livable Climate At $9.2 Trillion A Year
2022/4 How the war in Ukraine could speed up Europe's climate plans
2022/4 The cost of climate regulation
2022/5 Think climate action is expensive? Inaction could cost $178 trillion.
2022/11 Do we need degrowth? Can we save the climate while growing the economy?