Electrification as Climate Solution
Infographic - Top 10 States to Drive Electric
Share of the population with access to electricity, 2016
S - Electric Sector Futures
S - Electric Sector Mitigation
N - Aviation Electrification
N - Electric Futures
N - Electric Innovation
2011 Dinkelman_The Effects of Rural Electrification on Employment New Evidence from South Africa
2012 Sugiyama_Climate change mitigation and electrification
2014 McCollum_Transport electrification: A key element for energy system transformation and climate stabilization $$
2016 Needell_Potential for widespread electrification of personal vehicle travel in the United States
2017 SCE_The Clean Power and Electrification Pathway
2018 Deason_Electrification of buildings and industry in the United States
2019 Weiss_The Coming Electrification of the North American Economy
2017/1 Beneficial Electrification: Opportunity Knocks for Utilities
2017/11 7 Reasons The Future Is Electric
2018/2 Electrification and the role of the utility: A new front line in the U.S. energy transition
2019/11 Electrification? We Are Already On The Way
Electrification Coalition
Renovate America - Financing The Home Energy Revolution
Smart Electric Power Alliance
WIRES Voice of the Electric Transmission Industry
2016 RAP_More is Less: Environmentally Beneficial Electrification (webinar)
2015 Even with electrification, generating capacity needed goes down
Average household electricity consumption per year
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