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Goldman Sachs Is The First Major U.S. Bank To Reject Financing Arctic Oil Drilling
2013/5 Sustainability in Financial Services Is Not About Being Green
2013/8 Decarbonising the economy: the pivotal role of the financial sector
2014/1 How Wall Street Can Solve the Climate Crisis
2014/2 The Systemic Risk Summit
2014/8 Venture Capitalists Get Paid Well to Lose Money
2014/11 Divestment Alone Won’t Beat Climate Change
2015/4 The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance launches four initiatives to drive billions in climate investment
2015/8 How climate change and natural capital are changing banking
2015/8 Is the Global Financial System …
2015/9 Bankers Ask for Carbon Tax
2015/10 GOP survey, support from banks moves tipping point closer for climate change action
2015/10 UNEP unveils new vision for a global financial system
2015/10 What Does a Central Banker Know About Climate Change?
2015/11 Is the financial world finally ready to take climate action?
2015/12 Climate finance: A gaping wound that needs healing
2015/12 Paris talks: US pledges to double aid to climate-hit countries
2015/12 The investment implications of a stronger response to climate change
2015/12 Why Central Bankers Should Worry About Climate Change – Brink – The Edge of Risk
2016/1 How credit rating agencies are slowly but surely reacting to climate risk
2016/2 The Climate Summit of Money
2016/6 Big Banks Betting Against Climate Change Policies, Spending Billions On Fossil Fuel Projects
2016/6 S&P: Banks that ignore climate risk face credit downgrade
2016/7 Inside the Rockefeller Foundation’s climate finance strategy
2016/7 The pitfalls of putting a price on nature: What's next for natural capital?
2016/11 Moody's warns of climate change impact on sovereign ratings
2016/11 Systemic risk: balance sheet size and other key issues
2016/11 To deal with climate change we need a new financial system
2016/12 Climate Change: Why Financial Institutions should take note
2017/1 Global Warming: How Has It Affected Your Company?
2017/1 How the Fed joined the fight against climate change
2017/2 Banks warm up to climate action, but more needs to be done to promote real change
2017/4 How to prevent climate change from destabilizing financial markets
2017/6 Norway issues $1bn threat to Brazil over rising Amazon destruction
2017/6 Wall Street is starting to care about climate change
2017/11 New reports bring to light climate liability risks facing pensions advisers
2017/12 Cashing Out From the Climate Casino
2017/12 ING Bank investigated for climate risk
2017/12 Major financial institutions rebuke the Trump agenda, announce big steps away from fossil fuels
2017/12 Why UK banks are falling behind French in response to climate change
2018/1 Blue chips act to cut supply chain greenhouse gas emissions
2018/1 Does Wall Street Finally Care About Sustainability?
2018/1 When finance becomes a beneficiary of the green agenda
2018/4 Hewlett Foundation aims to activate retail banks for climate action
2018/5 “We need to reimagine banking”, says BBVA on climate change
2018/5 Europe’s Largest Asset Manager Sees ‘Tipping Point’ on Climate
2018/6 MDB Climate Finance in 2017: The Good, the Bad and the Urgent
2018/9 PRA review finds that 70% of banks recognise that climate change poses financial risks
2018/10 Amalgamated Bank Launches Initiative to Measure and Reduce Climate Impact of Loan Portfolio
2018/11 Here are the key financial institutions that can help prevent climate ‘tipping point, ’ per new study – ThinkProgress
2018/11 Monetary policy and climate change
2018/12 Banks pushed to cleanse their balance sheets of climate risk
2018/12 The Financial Sector’s Climate Imperative by Bertrand Badré, et al
2019/2 Finance’s shifting focus from risks to solutions
2019/2 Reshaping finance the Bank of England is taking climate change seriously
2019/2 We are at a critical inflection point in the transition to greening our financial systems
2019/3 Bank of England to set new rules on climate risk: Carney
2019/3 Banks pumped $1.9 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016
2019/3 Climate Change Has Claimed Its Biggest Corporate Victim. Now Banks Are on Alert. – Brink – The Edge of Risk
2019/3 Regulators set up climate risk monitoring committee
2019/3 The Fed takes on climate change
2019/3 Why climate change risks are 'material' for big finance
2019/4 Climate Change The Next Great Risk to Munis is Already Here
2019/4 How climate change could trigger the next financial crisis
2019/4 The financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate change
2019/4 Wall Street reckons with climate risk
2019/4 With Climate Losses Rising, Central Banks Push Greener Finance
2019/5 Bank of Canada for first time flags climate change as financial risk
2019/5 Bank of England makes climate risk a hot topic for banks
2019/6 Activist Investors Force Change In The Oil Industry
2019/6 Banks need to get ahead of climate change, or else
2019/6 Banks to include CO2 emission measures in shipping loan decisions| Article [AMP]| Reuters
2019/6 Banks to integrate climate principles into loan decisions
2019/6 CFOs Are Underestimating the Financial Risks of Climate Change, Executives Say
2019/6 Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns
2019/6 The Poseidon Principles: A Groundbreaking New Formula for Navigating Decarbonization
2019/7 Adjust, Align, Accelerate: What the Financial Sector Must Do to Deliver Resilience to Climate Change
2019/7 Climate-related financial risk needs to go mainstream
2019/7 How global private finance can help least developed...
2019/7 How the carbon bubble could create another global financial crisis
2019/7 The Case for a World Carbon Bank
2019/8 Bank of England Climate Tests Weigh Disorder in Stock Market
2019/8 Countries most exposed to climate change face higher costs of capital
2019/8 What are the UN’s latest recommendations for climate finance?
2019/8 Why We Need Finance to Fight Climate Change
2019/9 Central banks are waking up to climate change dangers. It's about time
2019/9 Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Barclays, others adopt climate policies
2019/9 European Central Bank should 'gradually eliminate' carbon assets
2019/9 Goldman Sachs released a 34-page analysis of the effects of climate change. And the results are terrifying.
2019/9 Illinois’s Risk to Bond Buyers Is Getting Hotter – Literally
2019/9 We Need Much More Urgent Action on Climate Change; Financial Institutions Can Help
2019/10 After Climate Week Sustainable finance for the one percent
2019/10 Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise
2019/10 Bank regulators present a dire warning of financial risks from climate change
2019/10 Banks Tout Green Credentials Yet Cling to Fossil-Fuel Clients
2019/10 Biggest U.S. index funds oppose most climate proposals in shareholder votes
2019/10 Goldman Sachs, UBS, JPMorgan say 2019 is the year for climate change
2019/10 How central banks can tackle climate change
2019/10 IMF says it is 'gearing up' to integrate climate risks into economic analysis
2019/10 IMF to examine climate risk to financial markets
2019/10 Putting principles before profit?
2019/11 Central Banks Give a Green Light to Climate-Friendly Financial Systems
2019/11 Climate change, climate risks and Norges Bank
2019/11 Climate change, the green transition and the financial sector
2019/11 Finance’s role in accounting for climate change
2019/11 How Will Climate Change Impact Banks?
2019/11 New Report Calls Out World’s Largest Banks on Climate Failures
2019/11 Schatz introduces new legislation to ensure US financial system is prepared for climate change
2019/11 Sweden's central bank dumps Australian bonds over high emissions
2019/11 Tackling climate crisis is what we should be doing, says new IMF boss
2019/11 Why Climate Change Matters to Us – Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
2019/12 Demystifying Climate Scenario Analysis for Financial Stakeholders
2019/12 The impacts of climate change on life insurance and retirement incomes - The impacts of climate change on life insurance and retirement incomes
2020/X Barbara Buchner talks to iClima Earth about climate finance, funding the transition, and the work done by the Climate Policy Initiative
2020/1 Central banks and climate change
2020/1 Central banks begin to grapple with climate change
2020/1 Climate Change Could Blow Up the Economy. Banks Aren’t Ready.
2020/1 Lloyds set to halve carbon emissions it finances in 10 years
2020/1 Mind the Protection Gap: Where Finance Fits in Solving the Climate Vulnerability of the Poor
2020/1 Prince Charles’ ‘Terra Carta’ Urges Business, Finance to Put Nature at Heart of 2030 Recovery Plan
2020/1 The Finance Industry Groggily Awakens to Climate Change
2020/2 BankTrack – List of banks which have ended direct finance for new coal mines/plants
2020/3 British hedge fund billionaire Hohn launches campaign to starve coal plants of finance
2020/3 CFTC shields oil bank from swap rules
2020/3 Climate Change and Risk Management in Bank Supervision
2020/3 Study: global banks 'failing miserably' on climate crisis by funneling trillions into fossil fuels
2020/4 Big Banks Pull Financing, Prepare To Seize Assets From Collapsing Oil and Gas Industry
2020/4 Global carbon taxes are coming: central banks must prepare
2020/4 Measurable Impact for Sustainable Finance
2020/5 Climate Change Is a Complex Problem, But Complex Financial Products Aren’t the Solution
2020/10 Carbon as an Emerging Asset Class
2020/11 How can finance do its part to combat climate change
2020/12 Committing to climate-positive project finance
2020/12 ECB publishes final guide on climate-related and environmental risks for banks
2020/12 Economic Risks of Climate Change: Implications for Financial Regulators
2020/12 How Banks Can Tackle Climate Change Now
2020/12 Hydrogen finance maturing from day trading to M&A
2020/12 Little banks big issues Why climate disclosure challenges Europe’s minnows
2020/12 The SEC Should Require Companies to Disclose Climate Change Risk
2021/1 Climate finance: Creating the conditions we need to invest in emerging markets
2021/1 How can sustainable finance support the road to net-zero?
2021/1 Olive is the new green in fighting climate change
2021/1 Q&A with Mark Carney, COP26 climate change finance tsar
2021/2 Fed to weave 'inescapable' climate change risk into bank oversight
2021/2 Regulators weaken green disclosure rules to please investors
2021/3 60 Largest Banks Have Dumped $3.8 Trillion Into Fossil Fuels Since 2015
2021/3 Big banks’ trillion-dollar finance for fossil fuels ‘shocking’, says report
2021/3 NGFS presents options for central banks to adapt monetary policy operations
2021/3 SEC Announces Enforcement Task Force Focused on Climate and ESG Issues
2021/3 What the tectonic shift in ESG interest means for Responsible Investor?
2021/4 Finance sector’s funded emissions over 700 times greater than its own
2021/4 Revealed: The Climate-Conflicted Directors Leading the World’s Top Banks
2021/4 What a difference a year makes - the SEC and ESG
2021/4 What’s the point of saving for retirement in a world on fire?
2021/5 BOE’s Breeden Says Banks Unprepared for $150 Carbon Price
2021/5 Climate risk regulatory developments in the financial services industry
2021/5 Fed privately presses big banks on risks from climate change
2021/5 It’s time to acknowledge the role banks and insurers have in reaching climate goals
2021/5 Moody’s 2020 TCFD Report Highlights Climate Action Progress
2021/5 US banks to face climate risk disclosure under Biden order
2021/5 What role for public policy in developing a net-zero financial sector?
2021/6 A Major New Index Fund Should Unnerve Climate-Skeptical CEOs
2021/6 Bank of England launches climate stress test for banks and insurers
2021/6 Explained: What Stakes Do Financial Disclosures Have for Climate Change?
2021/6 New Climate Scenarios For Financial Institutions Offer A Range Of Futures
2021/7 How the EU’s new sustainability directive will be a game changer
2021/7 New BoE climate risk scenarios spark race for extra data
2021/7 Responding to climate change – the “net-zero aligned” financial institution
2021/7 Strategy for financing the transition to a sustainable economy
2021/7 We need to look beyond the market to beat climate change
2021/8 Can investors save the Amazon?
2021/8 How Investors Evaluate Net Zero Commitments
2021/8 Top scientist says APRA climate risk guidance ‘flawed’
2021/10 Al Gore urges overhaul of global finance to cut greenhouse gases
2021/11 Bankers Took Over the Climate Change Summit. That’s Bad For Democracy
2021/11 Bankers Took Over the Climate Change Summit. That’s Bad For Democracy.
2021/11 Euro zone banks still missing ECB's climate risk goals
2021/11 Why climate disclosures alone will not move markets
2022/1 Carbon Accounting 201 - Financed Emissions: What Are They? & Why Do They Matter?
2022/3 Banks face new standards on carbon emissions disclosure
2022/3 Banks promised climate action. Where is it?
2022/3 The SEC’s New Proposal on Climate Disclosure: Critiquing the Critics
2022/3 What’s Worth Understanding: The SEC Proposes a Mandatory Climate Disclosure Regime for Public Companies
2022/4 CTVC’s Climate Capital List
2022/4 How to Prepare for Mandatory Climate Change Disclosure
2022/4 How We Can Put SDRs to Work in the Fight Against Climate Change - The Multilateral Development Bank Option
2022/4 Introducing a Special Series on the Proposed Climate Disclosure Rule from the US Securities and Exchange Commission - Why Do Investors Need or Want the Rule
2022/4 Investors at top US banks refuse to back climate proposals
2022/4 The Benefits of the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule
2022/5 Even with Moves toward Transparency, Corporate Climate Pledges and Carbon Offsets Will Be Complicated
2022/5 Indirect Emissions Disclosures Are Important but Tricky
2022/5 Will the SEC’s Proposed Climate Disclosure Rule Come Up against Legal and Economic Challenges?
2022/6 European Union Sustainability Reporting Standards are Finalized: What the Financial Sector Should Know
2022/6 New rules on corporate sustainability reporting: provisional political agreement between the Council and the European Parliament
2022/6 The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
2022/6 Wall Street takes on the SEC's climate disclosure rule
2022/6 Why bankers close their ears to the ‘climate nut jobs’ talking about the end of the world
2022/7 Banks must sharpen their focus on climate risk, ECB supervisory stress test shows
2022/7 You Better Watch Out: A New EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is Seeing the Day
2022/8 10 finance firms effectively own half of all future carbon emissions
2022/8 EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive — What Do UK- and U.S.- Headquartered Companies Need to Know?
2022/9 DWS and the Global Crackdown on Greenwashing
2022/10 ‘A problem or an opportunity’: These 10 finance firms control half the world’s unburned fossil fuels
2022/11 As Climate Damage Rises, Utilities Turn to ‘Recovery Bonds’
2022/11 Carbon Offset Markets: Why Are Investors Jumping In?
2022/12 Guest post: ‘Fair’ climate-finance flows should be at least $250bn per year
2023/1 A trillion-dollar blind spot for asset managers
2023/1 Fed will not become a ‘climate policymaker’, says Jay Powell
2023/1 Finance sector: New guidance on science-based targets and TCFD reporting
2023/2 US banks fight back against Republicans’ ESG attacks
2023/3 Mervyn King: “Our Ambition at the Bank of England is To Be Boring”
2023/5 Navigating climate change and sustainable investing - UBS
2023/6 Why Banks Aren’t Too Worried About Climate Credit Risk Yet
2023/8 Limiting climate change requires rechannelling of Special Drawing Rights to Multilateral Development Banks
2023/10 Why global warming doesn’t matter so much to financial markets
2023/12 What if debt was written off to protect climate and nature?
2024/3 Central banks use AI to assess climate-related risks
2024/4 Banks Made Big Climate Promises. A New Study Doubts They Work.
2024/6 Why Banks are Suddenly Closing Down Customer Accounts
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