Scientists started worrying about human-driven climate change more than 60 years ago, and declared it “observable” in 1988. Today, it’s no longer just a scientific conversation;  everyone is asking “how fast is it happening?” and “how bad will it be?” Numerous international, national, and corporate initiatives are underway to slow climate change, and to limit the increase in average global temperature to no more than a 2o Celsius. 

But global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a rising average global temperature don’t seem to be reversing course (see image). At the very least the transition to a low carbon economy is happening far too slowly, suggesting the real possibility of 3 to 5o C of average global temperature change this century. That would be catastrophic for billions of people and millions of species, and future generations will wonder why we couldn’t have accelerated a low carbon transition.     


That’s why we need to rethink many of our assumptions about climate futures, and what we can do to influence them. Questions we need to tackle include: 

  • Are we under-estimating the risks?
  • What’s preventing faster progress?
  • What’s the role of voluntary measures?
  • What’s the role of corporate action?  
  • What’s the role of markets? 
  • What can individuals do?

We’ve built the Climate Web to help answer these (and many other) critical questions. 

The Climate Web

The Climate Web is a collective intelligence that brings together the knowledge and insights of thousands of experts worldwide on how to understand and address climate change. It is based on more than 20,000 hours of meticulous knowledge curation, creating a centralized database of diverse and reliable climate resources. 

Whether you are a business or policy maker, philanthropist, or simply someone who cares about the planet, you can use the Climate Web to explore almost any climate topic you are interested in. Thousands of Index Entries and Topical Headings point you to the most relevant books, reports, videos, news articles, websites and more. Our own Insights Pages and Topical Dashboards make your knowledge discovery process easier than ever.

The Climate Web is not a static platform; it is constantly evolving and growing with the latest climate information. Premium Access not only unlocks ALL the Climate Web’s content, but serves as your personal climate change research assistant, keeping you updated with the latest trends, developments, and solutions.

The Climate Web is much more than a filing cabinet or a database; it is a powerful tool for learning about and creating actionable change. It is the product of more than 30 years of advisory expertise, as reflects our passion for and dedication to preventing climate chaos. We invite you to join us in this journey and become part of our community. Together, we can make a difference for ourselves and future generations.

You can begin your exploration of the Climate Web through two alternative pathways in the “plex” at left. 

  • The Open Access Climate Web organizes a lot of great content very straightforwardly. 

  • The Premium Access Climate Web lets you dig deeper, and you can sample the power of Premium Access without actually subscribing. But with your choice of support levels it’s a no-brainer, so why not join? 

Join Our Climate Web Club to learn more about leveraging the Climate Web for your own climate objectives!

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