Why Should We Question a Cost-Benefit Framing?
S - Cost-Benefit Analysis
S - Economic Alternatives
S - Economic Discounting
N - Alternative Economic Models
N - Economics Top Level
N - Mitigation Economics
2014 Madrick_Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World
That cost-benefit analysis may simply not be appropriate for climate change decision-making?
What are challenges to cost-benefit based decisionmaking?
What does the wicked problem literature have to say about cost-benefit analysis?
What is the role for cost-benefit analysis?
2008 Ackerman_Critique of Cost Benefit Analysis and Alternative Approaches to Decision-Making $$
2010 Masur Climate Regulation and the Limits of Cost Benefit Analysis
2012 Hammitt_Positive vs Normative Justifications for Benefit Cost Analysis $$
2013 Koomey_Moving beyond benefit-cost analysis of climate change
2016 Darmstadter_Global Benefit Cost Analysis in US Climate Policy
2019 Gigli_Cost-benefit analysis of a circular economy project: a study on a recycling system for end-of-life tyres, Journal of Cleaner Production
2020 Glanemann_Paris Climate Agreement passes the cost-benefit test
2013/12 Moving beyond benefit-cost analysis of climate change
2016/9 A Debate Over the Use of Cost-Benefit Analysis
2017/2 The End of the Cost-Benefit State?
2019/7 Cost-benefit analysis does not work well for wicked problems like climate change – EURACTIV.com
2020/2 Another Problem with Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Policy
Econ4 - Economics for people, for the planet and for the future
Rethinking Economics
Schumacher Center For New Economics
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Traditional Economics Can't Help. We Need to Rethink Growth and Capitalism
2015 OECD_Aligning Policies for a Low-carbon Economy
2016 Environmental Econ: Crash Course Economics #22
2017 Emanuel_The Politics and Economics of Climate Science
Is Cost-Benefit Analysis the Right Framework for Adaptation?
Why cost-benefit analysis is so problematic
A cost-benefit approach to climate change is morally monstrous
To look at a super-wicked problem can't use tools like cost-benefit analysis - they don't work
2004 Smyth Probabilistic Benefit Cost Analysis for Earthquake Damage Mitigation
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