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N - Will the Pope make a difference on climate change?
1999/3 The Market as God
2010/11 Can Faith Slow Climate Change?
2011/3 Religious and secular groups urge UN climate change action
2011/5 Chemnick_Vatican Report Shines Light on Climate Change Divisions Within the U.S. Faith Community
2012/5 Religion, Science and the Weakening Quest to Save Creation
2012/6 Evangelicals Stand Up for the EPA on Climate Change
2012/8 Skeptical Uses of ‘Religion’ in Debate on Climate Change
2012/11 Praying About the Climate
2013/7 Evangelical Scientists Issue Faith-Based Call For Congress To Address Climate Change
2013/11 Religious Organizations Mobilizing on Climate Change
2014/3 How U.S. Catholics View Pope Francis: In Their Own Words
2014/3 The Holy Trinity: How to explain Climate Change to Conservative Christians
2014/5 Can a Pope Help Sustain Humanity and Ecology?
2014/5 Editorial: Climate change is church's No. 1 pro-life issue
2014/5 Evangelical Group: Climate Change Is A 'Pro-Life' Issue
2014/5 Evangelicals in Florida turn to climate change and call on Gov. Scott to act
2014/5 How To Convince Conservative Christians That Global Warming Is Real
2014/5 Ohio Churches Fight To Save Renewables And Energy Efficiency
2014/5 Pope: Destroying the Earth is a sin
2014/5 The Tyee – Religious Leaders 'Faith Off' Against Texada Coal Terminal
2014/6 Faith groups hear higher calling in climate change fight » State News » Lebanon Reporter
2014/7 Group Representing Half A Billion Christians Says It Will No Longer Support Fossil Fuels
2014/7 Taking to the pulpit against climate change
2014/10 Pope says Christians should believe in evolution and Big Bang
2014/12 Catholic Bishops From Every Continent Call For 'An End To The Fossil Fuel Era'
2014/12 Pope to push for action on climate change
2015/1 At Vatican, EPA Chief To Talk 'Moral Issue' Of Climate Change
2015/2 Religious Leaders Confronting Climate Change
2015/3 Head of Episcopal Church: Denying Climate Change Is 'Blind' And Immoral
2015/4 Pope Francis to Host Major Summit on Climate Change » EcoWatch
2015/4 Vatican summit participants: Catholics, encyclical could make powerful impact on climate change
2015/4 What the climate movement must learn from religion
2015/5 “With Pope Francis the Church isn’t just speaking, the Church is also listening, ”
2015/5 Vatican Drama Centers on Pope Francis
2015/6 Rabbis: Scripture Says 'If We Refuse To Let Earth Rest, It Will Rest Anyways'
2015/6 Religion’s “Traditional” View: A Friendly Dissent
2015/6 Who's Out of Step on Climate Pope Francis or Harvard Expert
2015/8 Muslim Scholars Prepare Call for Action on Climate Change
2015/8 The Pope and the Planet: Book review of On Care for Our Common Home, Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis
2015/9 Climate morality - not just for Catholics
2015/12 A Greener Evangelicalism
2015/12 Look to our religious leaders for a climate change Plan B
2016/7 ‘World can’t afford to silence us’: black church leaders address climate change
2016/9 Communicating with religious communities on climate change
2016/9 The growing indigenous spiritual movement that could save the planet
2016/10 Katharine Hayhoe, a Climate Explainer Who Stays Above the Storm
2017/5 A Match Made in Heaven: Why Conservative Evangelicals Like Trump
2017/6 Spirituality and Sustainability Conference — Forum 21 Institute
2017/8 Study: Katharine Hayhoe is successfully convincing doubtful evangelicals about climate change
2017/9 Evangelicals aim to protect the environment
2017/10 Catholic church to make record divestment from fossil fuels
2019/3 Evangelical source changes evangelical minds on climate
2019/6 Pope Francis declares 'climate emergency' and urges action
2019/6 Religion must rise to the challenge of climate change, too
2019/7 One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian
2019/7 The disruptors: ‘Climate change is the biggest ethical issue the Church of England faces‘
2019/10 D.W. Holdridge’s newly released “Climate Change and the Bible” is a masterful book that challenges everyone’s faith concerning their future
2019/11 Abortion preeminent issue, global warming not urgent, say bishops
2019/12 Climate crisis is 'challenge of civilisation', says pope
2019/12 The climate activist who hasn’t given up on mainstream America
2020/2 Top climate scientist makes faith case for action
2020/9 Young evangelicals used to be skeptical of climate change. Not anymore. And we’re voting.
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