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Climate Sensitivity to GHGs
Under-Estimating Climate Risk
2007/8 Stephen Schwartz on climate sensitivity
2013/4 An objective Bayesian estimate of climate sensitivity
2015/3 Climate Sensitivity Week « RealClimate
2015/3 Climate sensitivity: lopping off the fat tail
2015/11 Earth's climate more sensitive to CO2 than previously thought, study finds
2016/4 Refining cloud feedbacks lifts climate sensitivity to 5-5.3 degrees(!), say Yale researchers
2016/5 Now how high is climate sensitivity? Here’s the answer of the world’s 15 leading climate experts!
2016/5 Real Global Temperature Trend, p18 – Now how high is climate sensitivity? Here’s the answer of the world’s 13 leading climate experts!
2016/7 Climate sensitivity has large geographical spread: 2-3 degrees global average equals 6+ in the Arctic
2016/7 Paleoclimate tells we may have 3 degrees additional warming in pipeline at current CO2 concentration!
2016/7 Small temp increase, big sea-level rise
2016/9 Current emissions could already warm world to dangerous levels
2016/9 The Climate Could Be More Sensitive to CO2 Than We Think
2017/1 Fossil leaves suggest global warming will be harder to fight than scientists thought
2017/2 Aerosol study to look at great unknown in climate science
2018/10 Earth's oceans have absorbed 60 percent more heat than previously thought
2018/10 Startling new research finds large buildup of heat in the oceans
2020/2 A few climate models are now predicting an unprecedented and alarming spike in temperatures — perhaps as much as 5 degrees Celsius
2020/7 After 40 years, researchers finally see Earth’s climate destiny more clearly
2020/7 Climate Sensitivity - A new assessment
2022/5 Climate simulations: recognize the ‘hot model’ problem
2022/5 Guest post: How climate scientists should handle ‘hot models’
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