Alternative Economic Models
I:EconomicsofClimateChange (Deep Dive)
S - Economic Alternatives
S - Economic Futures
N - Alternative Economic Models
N - Limits to Growth
2017 von Weizsackaer_Capitalism, Short-termism, Population and the Destruction of the Planet
2016 Schweickart_Economic Democracy
2017 Dauncey_The Landscape of the New Economy PPT
2018 Khmara_Degrowth in business: An oxymoron or a viable business model for sustainability? $$
2019/11 It's time to retire metrics like GDP. They don't measure everything that matters
2019/11 To move to a circular economy, we need to stop recycling
2020/2 The shift to stakeholder capitalism Is it transformative or simply incremental improvement
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Traditional Economics Can't Help. We Need to Rethink Growth and Capitalism
We the People, Not We the Corporations
2016 A New Economy
2016 Circularity - Preparing for the new circular economy
2016 Monbiot_Why Climate Change Goes Deeper Than Capitalism
2016 Natural Capitalism (taking natural capital into account)
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