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Tropical Forest Conservation
2009/12 Brazil to Push for 10% Limit on REDD Offsets
2009/12 Dead REDD? Not quite, but plan to protect forests suffers set back in Copenhagen
2009/12 REDD is CO2lonialism of Forests
2011/3 Munden Project report on REDD and Forest Carbon
2012/10 Counterfactuals and REDD: Confused? You will be
2013/5 California REDD A False Solution
2013/11 Deforestation makes for a super-depressing time-lapse video
2014/2 REDD+ should finance corridors between protected areas, argues study
2014/2 REDD+: Limitations and potentials in saving tropical forests
2015/6 REDD Dawn: The Birth Of Forest Carbon
2015/11 The Problem With REDD+
2015/12 Big Player In the Fight Against Climate Change | Michael Jenkins
2016/1 Is REDD+ Investment Lost?
2016/2 REDD is dead. What's next?
2016/7 This Decade’s Most Important Climate Solution – National Geographic Society (blogs)
2016/7 Why Apple is buying and protecting forests
2016/7 Why REDD+ Is Crucial For Success Of Paris Climate Deal
2016/10 Will Aviation Climate Deal Help Save Forests?
2017/10 New climate funding pays to protect forests
2017/12 A win-win solution for the aviation industry and REDD+
2018/3 Conservation easements as a tool to implement REDD+
2018/7 Channelling capital into forest conservation
2018/8 How BINGOs are pushing the Green Climate Fund to subsidise REDD carbon markets
2018/8 How California Can Save the Amazon
2018/9 Aligning forces for tropical forests as a climate change solution (commentary)
2018/9 Amazon Deforestation in Brazil: What Does it Mean When There’s no Change?
2019/2 Fears of a dire precedent as Brazil seeks results-based REDD+ payment
2019/4 2020 deforestation targets to be missed
2019/5 An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth
2019/5 Forest carbon credits ‘worse than nothing’? There’s more to this story
2019/5 New report examines drivers of rising Amazon deforestation on country-by-country basis
2019/5 ProPublica's Inexcusable REDD+ Belly Flop
2019/5 ProPublica’s Inexcusable REDD+ Belly Flop
2019/5 What ProPublica’s forest carbon credits story gets wrong – and right
2019/6 Can planting billions of trees save the planet?
2019/7 A Brief History of Planting Trees to Save the Environment
2019/7 Can Planting Trees Solve Climate Change?
2019/8 7 Things to Know About the IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land
2019/10 Bridging the National vs Project Divide
2019/12 How to Help Brazilian Farmers Save the Amazon
2019/12 Shades of REDD+: Should Forest Carbon Credits be Eligible for CORSIA?
2020/3 Shades of REDD+: The Right to Carbon, the Right to Land, the Right to Decide
2020/5 INSIDER: 4 Reasons Why a Jurisdictional Approach for REDD+ Crediting Is Superior to a Project-Based Approach
2020/11 New program pays landowners to protect forests on their farms in Brazil
2020/12 Brazil Puts a $10 Billion a Year Price Tag on Carbon Neutrality
2020/12 Norway bumps rate to protect rainforests amid anticipated U.S. climate return
2020/12 Shades of REDD+ - Pruning Expectations of Corporate Offsetting with REDD+
2021/1 Saving and restoring tropical forests has enormous value for the planet and the economy
2021/1 Unpacking the New “Blueprint” for Bigger (and Better?) Voluntary Carbon Markets
2021/3 Briefer: The Future of REDD+
2021/4 Governments, companies pledge $1 billion for tropical forests