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S - Systemic Risk
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ME Session 3 - Systemic Climate Risk
Systemic Climate Risk
Systemic Risk Events and a Low Carbon Transition
S - Climate Change Systemic Risk
S - Food Security
2020 Servigne_How Everything Can Collapse: A Manual for our Times
200X Boza_Systemic Risk Dilemmas Emerging from Reactive Investments
2003 OECD_Emerging Systemic Risks: An Agenda for Action
2007 Ackermann_Risk Assessment A Case Study $$
2008 Schwarcz_Systemic Risk $$
2009 DIE_Globalisation at the Crossroad: An International Panel on Systemic Risks in the Global Economy is Needed
2010 Vugrin_A framework for assessing the resilience of infrastructure and economic systems
2010 Weiss_Systemic Risk and the U.S. Insurance Sector
2011 Thurner_Systemic financial risk agent
2012 Griffith_Governing Systemic Risk Towards a Governance Structure for Derivatives Clearinghouses
2012 IISD_Financial Stability and Systemic Risks
2012 Markose_Systemic Risk from Global Financial Derivates
2013 Helbing_Globally networked risks and how to respond $$
2013 LINKS_Global Systemic Risks 2013
2014 Acharya_Is the insurance industry systemicaly risky?
2014 Rosa_The Emergence of Systemic Risks $$
2014 Schwarcz_Regulating Systemic Risk in Insurance
2014 Schwarez_Regulating systemic risk in insurance $$
2014 Turner_Is Global Collapse Imminent
2015 Ilin_The uncertainty of systemic risk $$
2015 Lydenberg_Portfolios and Systemic Framework Integration Towards a Theory and Practice
2015 NextSystem_It's Time to Face the Depth of the Systemic Crisis we Confront
2016 Bobtcheff_Analysis of Systemic Risk in the Insurance Industry
2016 Clerc_Indirect contagion -- The policy problem
2016 Eling_Systemic Risk in the Insurance Sector: A Review and Directions for Future Research
2016 Gephardt_Vulnerability to shocks in the global seafood trade network
2016 Jaeger_The coming breakthrough in risk research
2016 Kaserer_Systemic Risk in Financial Markets - How Systemically Important Are Insurers
2016 Paulson_The Life Insurance Industry and Systemic Risk - A Bond Market Perspective
2017 Acharya_Measuring Systematic Risk $$
2017 Gottesman_Understanding Systemic Risk in Global Financial Markets
2017 Herwig_Risk, Precaution, Responsibility, and Equal Concern $$
2017 Linarelli_Luck Justice and Systemic Financial Risk $$
2017 ROBECO_Expected Returns 2017 Its Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn
2017 Rudolph_Reviewing Systemic Risk Within the Insurance Industry
2019 Arner_Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector Ten Years After the Great Crash
2019 GARP_Building Operational Resilience The Critical Need to Learn from Failure
2019 IAIS_Holistic Framework for Systemic Risk in the Insurance Sector
2020 Condon_Externalities and the Common Owner
2020 Gilding_Climate Contagion 2020-2025
2020 MSCI_Climate Value at Risk
2021 Clissitt_Systemic risks and the insurance sector
2022 Clemente_A multilayer approach for systemic risk in the insurance sector
2022 Jung_Climate Stress Testing
2022 Regele_Insurance business diversification and systemic risk
2023 AAA_Climate Risks Pose Broad Impacts on Financial Security Systems