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E - Offset Criteria
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E - Offset Additionality
E - Offset Baselines
E - Principles for Designing Offset Policy
2017 Types of offset credits in California’s cap and trade program
Why projects fail Compensate’s criteria
Additional attributes should include vintage, project type, co-benefits, location, etc.
Additionality is treated as a pass/fail variable
CCPs should be hosted and updated by an independent 3rd party organization
Compensate has evaluated over 100 projects, 91% have failed the evaluation
Compensate scores projects and then deducts for uncertainty
Compensate’s approach to evaluating projects
Compensate’s offset portfolio
Financial additionality and Policy additionality
LIABILITY :: Permanent direct liability of buyer or seller will
Projects with a score of 50 out of 100 qualify for the portfolio
Quantifiability, Permanence, MRV
Role of REDD+ projects remains uncertain given national accounting and nesting issues
Should include buffer provisions relating to permanence and leakage
This risk is fundamentally different in REDD compared to A/R
Voluntary offset markets are in big trouble
Will CDM projects and credits count under CCPs?
Will need to decide whether to limit credits to certain "vintages"
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