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2009/5 Carbon trading and a cash value on forests are not solutions to climate change
2010/7 New Voluntary Carbon Platform Rooted In Colombian Forests
2013/3 Economic Viability of Blue Carbon Offsets in Coastal NC and LA
2013/11 Tsunami-Blocking Mangroves Lure Carbon Investors: Southeast Asia
2013/12 Green for Green: The Buyers That Stand Behind Forest Carbon
2013/12 How Microsoft harvests carbon offsets to save forests
2014/1 Japanese Firms Can Earn Carbon Credits Under Palau Deal
2014/7 Carbon Credit Plan Aims to Save Kenyan Trees and Elephants—and Help Villagers
2019/12 Shades of REDD+: Should Forest Carbon Credits be Eligible for CORSIA?
2020/3 Ecosystem Marketplace Forecasts Ample Supply of CORSIA Carbon Credits If ICAO Council Limits Eligibility to Post-2016 Offsets
2020/11 Forest Credits Approved for Airlines’ Compliance with ICAO Carbon Market
2021/4 AirCarbon Exchange launches nature-based offsets contract, as rival sees its own first trade
2021/4 On the misuse of nature-based carbon ‘offsets’
2021/4 Why the Market for ‘Blue Carbon’ Credits May Be Poised to Take Off
2021/5 ‘We guard the forest’: Carbon markets without community recognition not viable
2021/5 Determining a True Carbon Benefit
2021/5 Top airlines’ promises to offset flights rely on ‘phantom credits’
2021/8 Climate Neutral Group’s AgriCarbon Programme rewards farmers for regenerative agriculture
2022/8 Wildfires destroy almost all forest carbon offsets in 100-year reserve, study says
2023/1 The Guardian Investigation Of Verra Carbon Offsets Claims More Than 90% Are "Worthless"