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S - Communicating w Climate Doubters/Deniers
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Changing Minds on Climate Change
Climate Denial
2013 Shireman_Engaging Outraged Stakeholders
2014 Darling_How to Change Minds About Our Changing Climate: Let Science Do the Talking the Next Time Someone Tries to Tell You...The Climate Isn't Changing; Global Warming ... Other Arguments It's Time to End for Good,
2021 Hayhoe_Saving Us - A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World
200X Beck_How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming (links to dozens of blog posts)
200X Climate Access_7 Ways to Overcome the Opposition
200X Climate Access_Best Practices for Talking with Climate Skeptics
200X Climate Access_How to talk to a climate dissenter - tips and tools
2008 Russill_Tipping Point Forewarnings in Climate Change Communication - Implications of an Emerging Trend
2010 DB Climate Change Advisors_Climate Change: Addressing the Major Skeptic Arguments
2010 Feygina_System Justification the denial of global warming and
2010 McCright_Anti-reflexivity The American Conservative Movements Success in Undermining Climate Science
2010 Morello_How to Deal with Climate Skeptics 101
2010 Susskind_Talking to Climate Skeptics - consensus building approach
2011 Cook_Debunking Myths Handbook
2011 Edwards Climate Controversies PPT
2011 Fahey_Science Deniers’ Talking Points
2011 Fahey_Talking to the Tea Party about Climate
2011 Knight_Talk of the Enemy - Adversarial Framing and Climate Change Discourse
2011 Romm_How to tell a climate science denier from genuine skeptic
2011 Staudt_Tips for talking climate at the holiday party
2011 Sterman_Communicating climate change risks in a skeptical world
2012 Bain_Promoting pro-environmental action in climate change deniers
2012 eHow_How to Talk to a Global Warming Skeptic
2012 Ranney_Changing Global Warming Beliefs With Scientific Information
2012 Winston_Politicians Who Deny Climate Change Cannot Be Pro-Business $$
2013 Lewandowsky_Recursive fury conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere
2013 Skocpol_What It Will Take to Counter Extremism and Engage Americans in Fight against Global Warming
2014 Legates_A Call to Truth Prudence and Protection of the Poor
2014 Rizzardi_Sea Level Lies - The Duty to Confront the Deniers
2014 Stevenson_Overcoming skepticism with education: interacting influences of worldview and climate change knowledge on perceived climate change risk among adolescents
2015 Farrell_Echo chambers and false certainty $$
2015 Medimoree_The language of denial - text analysis reveals differences in language use between climate change proponents and skeptics $$
2015 Postmes_Climate change and group dynamics $$
2016 Bonds_Beyond Denialism: Think Tank Approaches to Climate Change $$
2016 Cook_Countering Climate Science Denial and Communicating Scientific Consensus
2017 Schmid-Petri_Politization of science: how climate change skeptics use experts and scientific evidence in their online communication
2017 van der Linden_Inoculating the Public Against Misinformation about Climate Change
2018 Walter_Echo Chambers of Denial Explaining User Comments on Climate Change $$