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Aviation Offsets and Deforestation
Carbon Offsets and Aviation
2014/3 ICAO groups start work on developing a global market-based measure for international aviation emissions on GreenAir Online
2016/5 ICAO aviation offset market talks yield little progress, but backtracking on previous agreement
2016/6 Can offsets and biofuels make future international aviation growth carbon neutral?
2016/9 ICAO's Carbon-Offsetting Scheme Not Adequate, Groups Say
2016/10 Airline Pollution Deal Hinges on Complex World of Carbon Offsets
2016/10 Climate Deal Seen as a Win for Airlines, Less So for Earth
2016/10 ICAO Approves Carbon-Offsetting Scheme for Global Aviation
2016/10 Will Aviation Climate Deal Help Save Forests?
2016/11 How Aviation’s Carbon Market Could Undercut the Paris Agreement
2017/9 Carbon offsetting can play an important role in achieving airlines' climate goals, says study, but finds low level of understanding on GreenAir Online
2017/12 A win-win solution for the aviation industry and REDD+
2018/3 ICAO and forest offsets Substantial opportunities and exceptional benefits (commentary)
2018/3 Robust eligibility restrictions for offset credits are needed for CORSIA to truly compensate for the growth in aviation’s carbon emissions
2018/11 Stop Worrying About Buying Carbon Offsets for Your Flights
2019/4 On Earth Day, Delta offsets most carbon emissions in single day for over 300K customers
2019/7 Electric Planes And Carbon Offsets Are Ways To Reduce Air Travel Emissions
2019/8 Carbon offsetting isn't a cure-all for your filthy flying habit
2019/8 Greta and Flight Shaming are Fueling a Carbon Offsets Boom
2019/8 How Victor’s CEO Plans To Counter Aviation’s High Carbon Emissions
2019/9 Can Oil and Aviation Fuel a Marshall Plan for Forests?
2019/9 CORSIA – better or worse than nothing?
2019/9 Study: Consumers willing to pay carbon offsets for air travel
2019/10 Air France to proactively offset 100% of CO2 emissions on its domestic flights as of January 1st, 2020
2019/10 British Airways owner IAG commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2050
2019/10 British Airways to offset UK carbon emissions
2019/11 CORSIA, coming soon to an airport near you – Planetary Ecology
2019/11 EasyJet to offset carbon emissions from all its flights
2019/12 Shades of REDD+: Should Forest Carbon Credits be Eligible for CORSIA?
2020/1 JetBlue embarks on journey to offset all U.S. domestic flights
2020/1 JetBlue to become carbon neutral in 2020
2020/1 Offsetting carbon emissions is soaring in air travel - but is it effective?
2020/2 Delta And The World Need Carbon Offsets To Stop Global Warming
2020/2 Why Airlines Need Carbon Credits
2020/3 ICAO Council adopts CORSIA emissions units
2020/3 U.N. Unveils New Rules for Aviation Carbon Offsets
2020/4 Changes in course needed for UN scheme to address aviation emissions
2020/11 ICAO Council Expands Eligibility for Nature-Based Solutions under CORSIA
2021/5 Carbon offsets used by major airlines based on flawed system, warn experts
2021/5 Carbon offsets used by major airlines based on flawed system, warn experts
2021/5 Top airlines’ promises to offset flights rely on ‘phantom credits’
2021/5 Verra Response to Guardian Article on Carbon Offsets Used by Major Airlines
2021/8 Jet Zero and the politics of the technofix
2021/8 Jet Zero: a one way ticket to climate hell
2022/4 United Airlines CEO’s Straight Talk on Sustainability Irks Competitors
2022/5 Do Airline Offset Programs Really Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?
2022/11 British Airways Enables Customers to Purchase Carbon Removal Credits, Offering Them Even More Ways to Address Their Carbon Footprint
2023/1 JAL and ANA offer greener flight options
2023/1 Net-zero aviation needs up to $1 trillion in carbon offsets by 2050