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E - Real Estate
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E - Real Estate Values and SLR
2013 Comparing 6-month forecasts of 10-year bonds to actual
2014 Effects of climate change on property values
2014 Impact of projected climate change on hazard losses
2014 Increase in average annual coastal storm damage due to higher seas in 2030
2014 Increase in average annual coastal storm damage due to higher seas in 2050
2014 Increase in average annual coastal storm damage due to higher seas in 2100
2014 Probability distribution of annual increase in property damage assuming no change in hurricane activity
2014 Table of MSL and MHHW costs by 2050 and 2100
2016 # of staff focused on sustainability
2018 Assessing change in real estate loan to value ratios
2020 Percentage of properties at risk of flooding during a major storm - FEMA vs independent researchers
2020 Rising size of single family homes in U.S.
2020 Total home retrofit costs 2010-2025
2024 Record number of billion-dollar insured losses from extreme weather in 2023
Are green building certificates a proxy for climate resilience?
Barriers to green retrofit technoloy uptake in buildings
Building emissions and zero carbon opportunities
Change in global GDP by 2100
Comparing 6-month GDP forecasts to actual
Comparing 6-month vacancy forecasts to actual
Conclusions drawn from climate change risk assessments
Currently observed market impacts of climate change
Do companies carry out climate change risk assessments on their portfolios?
Framework for climate risk management
How do organizations assess climate risk
How uncertainties relate to each other in terms of natural hazard risk
Impact of climate change on future investment strategies
Impact of climate change on today's investment strategies
Portfolio reallocation in light of climate change
Real estate exposure to different risks
Real estate risk assessment for extreme weather events
Recommendations for real estate investors
Risks faced by real estate companies with inefficient building stocks
The impact of potential increased hurricane activity
Timeframe for appraising real estate investments
What climate change impacts do you expect to see by region?
Changing insurance costs: More than 230,000 households will see increases up to $240 in the first year; an additional 74,000 households will see costs rise by as much as $360. For about 25,000 single-family homes, addtional costs could reach as high as $1,200.
Climate change is causing many in the US to rethink where they want to live
Costal risks will increase by at least an order of magnitude
FEMA cannot raise any homeowner’s flood insurance rates by more than 18 percent a year, thus it could take 20 years before some homeowners are charged full rates under new system
Florida adaptation to climate change - new insurance rates will take into account the size of a home, so large houses by the ocean could see an big jump in rates
New government approach to insurance: subsidized insurance has been critical for supporting coastal real estate markets; removing that subsidy likely to affect where Americans build houses and how much people will pay for them
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